Raise your hand if you would like more clients?  More profits?  More free time to spend with family & friends?  Almost every entrepreneur & small business owners that I have spoken to in the past 20+ years raises their hand and says YES to these questions.  So here are 3 simple strategies to get more of those 3 things!

STRATEGY #1 … Make follow-up a priority in your marketing strategy!  You aren’t alone if you don’t have wonderful follow-up skills.  Research shows that 48% of sales people NEVER follow-up once; and only 25% only follow-up a 2nd time.  In fact, the statistics are alarming for trade show …. 93% of trade show leads are NEVER followed-up.  You can save yourself lots of time if you aren’t following-up …. STOP going to networking events or trade shows if you aren’t going to do the follow-up.  You will not only save time but lots of money!  If you are looking for more clients — following-up with leads & past customers can generate a huge return on investment.  

STRATEGY #2 …Work with the 20% of your clients that give you 80% of your business (or your Perfect Client). Can you easily identify those 20%?  Why work with those that drain your energy, don’t pay well and aren’t committed? It’s so much easier to work with your top 20% — focus your time & energy here; it will be well rewarded. 

STRATEGY #3… Know your numbers and be accountable.  Do you know your financial goals for the coming year?  How many clients do you need to reach your goal?  Do you know how many sales calls it takes to turn a lead into a client?  If you don’t know your numbers, how can you measure if you are growing or moving forward?  When you know your goals – you won’t be wasting time being detoured by every bright, shiny object!  It’s so easy as small business owners to make excuses WHY we haven’t accomplished a goal – which leads me to the accountability part of this strategy. 

There you have it — 3 simple strategies that will yield more clients, more profit and more free time.  If you need help with any of these strategies, please call to schedule a FREE Business Breakthrough Session (514-690-1867).

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