Have you ever asked yourself this question?  Social media is a HUGE component of any marketing strategy and, although I’m not a social media guru, I do have a few suggestions that will answer your question especially if you have limited time & money!  (Now if time & money aren’t an issue, and you have lots of both, then this post isn’t for you!)

OVERWHELMED by where to start?  Answer this one question?

OVERWHELMED by where to start?  Answer this one question?

As we all attempt to get our name ‘out there’, we are often faced with new social media platforms.  So do you spend your time on facebook, linkedIn, twitter, google +, pinterest, etc., etc.?  

Here’s one way to stop your overwhelm …. Answer this question — where does your ‘perfect client’ hang out?  That’s assuming you know details of your perfect client – age, demographics, income bracket?  What are their book, tv, etc. preferences?  What do they do in their spare time?  Why are these questions important — because you want to connect with them ‘where they are’! 

Someone recently explained the differences between the social media platforms like this .  Twitter is for those who like little sips of water – often!  Facebook is more like going to a cocktail party where everyone is mingling & sharing information on vacations, hobbies, etc.   LinkedIn is the boardroom where professionals hang out in suits and ties.  So you can see the distinct difference in not only what is discussed but also the language that is used between the different platforms.

Let’s use my marketing business as an example.  My perfect client is a service professional; that’s business to business (B2B).  They would (should) be using LinkedIn for connections. So when I started, I created a STRONG LinkedIn profile because that’s where my perfect client hangs out.

Another example might be a renovator.  I don’t see many renovators in suits & ties (LinkedIn) but I do see people talking about their renovations projects on facebook.  See the difference?

Knowing the details of your ‘perfect client’ can answer sooooo many questions for your business and help you focus your efforts.  If you need help with developing your ‘perfect client’, call to schedule your FREE Business Breakthrough Session or sign up here for next introductory workshop on this topic. Good luck with your social media campaigns!


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