P-L-A-N.  Most entrepreneurs and business owners can’t even say the word.  They don’t talk about it in conversations.  They avoid the word at all costs.  So it’s my guess, if they can’t say the word PLAN – they aren’t doing it either!  

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of creating a plan is the setting aside some time to invest in the plan.  We are all busy with personal and professional commitments.  However, it we don’t take time to plan, then we are simply being re-active to situations – we aren’t in control.

Here’s 4 proven steps to P-L-A-N.

  1. Identify your current situation.  Where are you now?  What’s your vision for the future? Set goals related to your vision?  Stay on track.
  2. Identify your target market.  The better a business knows it’s ‘target’ market (or as I like to call it your Perfect Client Persona), the easer it is to market to them and to attract them.
  3. Identify YOUR path & your direction. Separate yourself from your competition by creating a marketing message that makes you totally unique.  How will you strategically pursue your target market?  Create a marketing success calendar detailing when your strategic actions will be put into place.
  4. Get into strategic action. Identify your successes and the successes of others.  Expressing gratitude to others leads to more success!

Sounds simple – right!  It is really – it’s a matter of investing some time in your business (and yourself) to be the BEST YOU CAN BE!  Take it one step at a time.  BTW – did you notice the G.P.S. in this plan?  If you would like some help along your journey, please fill out the short questionnaire here so that we can discuss some of your challenges during a FREE 30-min Business Breakthrough Session. It would be my pleasure to help you steer your business to success.


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