It’s important as entrepreneurs to be kind to ourselves.  To look after our mind, body and spirit.  And that means making or taking time for ourselves. A friend of mind, Betty Healey, has written a book called “Me First”.  I think the title embodies what I’m talking about.

Although Betty’s book, and workshop is about discovering our own uniqueness — today I want to remind you to take time for YOU first.  Be kind to yourself.  Whether it’s scheduling time for a long bath, a quiet glass of wine or a vacation. This is an important element to the growth of your business.

Rum Runner in the Rideau Canal!

Rum Runner in the Rideau Canal!

When I owned my retail store and my children were still teenagers, it was difficult to escape and have time for myself and my husband.  So at least once or twice a year, we would escape to our favourite hotel in the country just for the weekend.  We would ask grandparents to supervise the children and asked that staff step in for our break.  We never failed to come back with a new perspective, renewed energy and a spring in our step.

You won’t be hearing from me next week as I take my time off.  Off on our boat to travel with friends through the Thousand Islands – a trip we’ve been promising ourselves for a long time.  Times are different though — with the internet and my laptop, I’m still able to communicate and keep coaching commitments!  

I encourage you to take some time for yourself.  Examine what type of business you want to build so that you can LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!  Happy Summer to one and all!  (Be on the look out for the new projects I will have coming this fall.)

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