Sometimes there’s someone in your life you constantly inspires you!  For me, that continues to be Oprah.  Her latest magazine issue was about C H A N G E and how you can ‘transform’ your life “one easy tweak at a time”.  And as I was reading this issue (with a glass of wine), I was inspired to think about my business … and of course, your’s too!

Being in business is about change; improvements; moving forward; improving and ‘being your best’!  Nothing stays the same — nor should it.  Oprah says life is about ‘recalibrating’.  Your business should also recalibrate — make small adjustments regularly.   What do you have to do to get where you want to be?  

But to make those small adjustments, two things must happen.  First – we must know exactly where we are so that we can move forward.  We must be aware of, and know, our numbers; our situation; our metrics.  If I asked you this instant — would you know your monthly income; your monthly expenses; how many clients you need to meet your revenue goals?  In GPS terms, you must know your starting point – point of origin.  If you don’t know your BASIC metrics — learn them NOW!

The 2nd thing that needs to happen is that as entrepreneurs we need to look after ourselves — our bodies; our souls; our energy.  Surround yourself with things and people that ‘feed’ you from the inside out and that give you that drive, passion & energy to take your business through the cycle of constant change!

If you would like some help, some focus, some accountability to make the right changes in your business so that it moves forward – let’s talk.  No pressure; just talk.  Let’s see if we can’t help you get to where you want to go a little easier and perhaps a little quicker.  “Care about yourself enough to embrace change” (Oprah).


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