There’s a disease out there that is running rampant!  It’s attacking small business owners in droves.  And as hard as the entrepreneurs try by themselves to avoid this disease, it’s not easy!

I’m talking about BSO syndrome.  I’m sure you know about it and perhaps you even have just a touch of it! It’s hard to avoid!  You see the next great productivity tool or online training and you HAVE to have it.  You might even work on a project, only to put it back into the file for later development, because you came up with a new or better project, product, or system.  You set yourself a goal with a date but you never seem to get it done. Sound slightly familiar?

Well you might be suffering from …. Bright Shiny Object syndrome.  Like a squirrel — chasing every ‘next’ best thing?  Or a magpie swooping down for something shiny but only to be distracted at the last minute?  I know the feeling well.  

As a smart woman business owners, we can often be distracted because we are always wanting to HELP everyone.  Our helping mode can often lead us down several different paths and it seems that sometimes lack ‘stickiness’ to finish projects or to keep our focus.  And when that happens, we actually get nothing accomplished. We wander aimlessly – a little lost & confused!

Over the years, I have found that two of the BEST cures for BSO — but they have to be used together.  They are focus + accountability (mixed with a little hard work) = Results.  Ninety-day plans have been a godsend for me.  Like a GPS,  90-day plans keep me moving in the right direction and they ease overwhelm & frustration.  Over the summer,  I’m taught these same strategies to my clients.  The results were awesome — one of my clients DOUBLED her sales in 2-months;  another was able to keep focus and launch a new business; and another had a complete mindset shift allowing her to hire her first employee! Each of these business owners set their own path; knuckled down to work; set their own goals and committed to a bigger group that they would get ‘_hit’ done.  They didn’t allow BSO to get in their way.

So why am I telling you this …. because starting September 15 there will be another 90-day 4 Success Club where you will be able to get focused; have accountability; and get the results you want to end 2014 with more clients & more profits (and more free time).  Go here for more information & to register …. Avoid the BSO plague – give yourself permission to be focused & successful. 



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