If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I have set a BIG SCARY goal for myself.  I have put it out there to the universe, my friends and some of my clients that YES – I’m going to hold a live event in the spring!  And to be truthful — I’m afraid, I have doubts, and I’m scared.

But then yesterday I was listening to a lifestream training about holding live events as a successful marketing strategy.  The more I listened, the more I realized – I’m being silly!  I’ve already held live events — workshops, speaking, etc.  That ‘itty bitty shitty committee’ was taking over and I was fearful (and we all know what fear means)!

So yes – live events are a wonderful way of increasing your credibility.  When done well, they can also be an extremely profitable strategy.  My marketing plan for early 2015 will include a live event.  Planning for this event will be the same as planning for anything else — start with the end in mind.  What’s the purpose of the event from my perspective?  What’s the purpose of the event from my clients’ perspective?  How much $$$ do I want to realize from the event?  How many people should I expect? What date and location?  What will I teach?  What offer will I make from the stage? What advertising will I use? When will I start advertising? Truthfully, there isn’t anything in those list of questions that I can’t answer.

So why was I afraid?  Because I was looking at it from the wrong perspective.  I had to SHIFT my perspective.  There is nothing there that I can’t do – so let’s do it!  What SHIFTs have you had to make recently?  Share your thoughts on my Facebook page here.

It’s your time to SHIFT!  Have an awesome week.

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