Most of us have grown up in a society that gives us report cards as a measure of our accomplishments.  Whether it’s in school or at the office, someone has been measuring how we ‘stack up’, how we rank!  Right?  

I will tell you the truth  – I was always an average student!   I worked hard to get average marks and I became accustom to that throughout school.  Because things were rather ‘average’ for me, I learned how to study; how to find out more; and hence my ‘learning addiction’ started. When report card time came, I pretty much knew what they would say – average!  

Today – I’m not willing to settle for average on any report card!  I’m looking for MORE.  I want the best.  WHY? Because I only want the BEST for my clients!

As a business owner (a solo entrepreneur)  – we don’t have report cards!  Our only measure of success comes from our clients and what they tell us. I don’t want my clients to tell me I’m average!  I work really hard but when they tell me that I’m awesome — how do I handle that?  

When clients tell you that they LOVE what you do .... BELIEVE THEM!

When clients tell you that they LOVE what you do …. BELIEVE THEM!

Isn’t it interesting …. we do everything for our customers!  We want to provide them with the best solution; the best content; the best service. However, do we listen when they tell us they love us?  Do we permit ourselves that validation and feedback?  Do we believe them?

Here’s today’s take-away — when clients tell you that they LOVE what you do — BELIEVE THEM!

Learn to gracefully accept the praise.  Believe in the praise.  Be proud of the praise.  Tell the world about the praise!  It’s okay – go ahead.  When a customer tells you how wonderful you are … it’s okay to accept it; agree with it; and feel worthy of it!  Your gifts are helping someone and you should feel proud!  And proud to shout it from the roof tops!

Don’t be shy to share this praise …. WHY?  Because there is someone out there right now who could use your solution!  Your gifts & solution will solve someone’s burning pain or burning problem.  You want to help others and I know that you are capable.

So when you get a ‘report card’ from your clients telling you how amazing you are …. think of ways you could share it.  Perhaps, you copy & paste their words to your website or social media; or you screen capture it & share; print it out BIG and put it in your office to view; or simply share with your partner or mentor.  Success is meant to be shared!  Share yours.

I’d like you to SHARE with me one success you had this week!   Did someone tell you that you were amazing?  Send me your story at!  Be amazing and SHINE so that you can help others!

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