In fact this past weekend, that’s exactly what I did!  I got on an airplane and went to New York to attend a 3-day live training event!  It was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY and I highly recommend it for anyone!  Here’s my reasons:

Justin Livingston presenting

Justin Livingston presenting “Magnetize Your Audience”

  1. It’s not just the content of the 3-day event but also the whole trip itself.  You meet great people on the plane; you get out of your regular space and start to see the bigger world; and you meet great connections and new friends during the event.
  2. Now – I will admit …. the content was awesome.  It was a Callan Rush (Magnetize Your Audience) workshop and Callan is well known for her Wealth Through Workshops book; her webinars 3 Massive Mistakes that Workshop Leaders Make that keep their events empty, etc.  I came away with a whole new perspective for workshops including scripts, templates and on-site coaching!  
  3. The mechanics of the workshop were also interesting (as you know, I’m a learning junkie – so seeing how different experts do the ‘same’ thing is always an eye-opener!).  The seminar room was FREEZING on purpose; there was no agenda – on purpose; there were scheduled breaks – on purpose.  It was magical to watch the teaching techniques, the anchoring, the repetition and the audience participation.

So here’s my recommendation …. schedule at least ONE trip a year to your professional conference and at least ONE other conference, seminar or workshop that is out of town!  Save your money and include these trips in your 2015 planning schedule (have you started your 2015 planning?).

Nathalie working hard with members of her group!

Nathalie working hard with members of her group!

Thank you to those friends I met; to those new connections from this past weekend; to the staff of Magnetize Your Audience and to my family!  Watch for more information as I share the great ‘stuff’ I learned this past weekend!  

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