First let me ask you  — why do you have a website?  In my case, I have a website to create a mailing list of fans, peeps, a tribe, etc. of people who are interested in what I have to say.  I keep in touch with them providing valuable content through my blog.  I want to have conversations with them on my website so that they convert to customers!  My website is a ‘marketing’ tool.  What’s your answer? ___________________________________________________.

In order to ‘capture’ email addresses, there’s a general consensus that you have to offer people something in return for their email address.  This is called a website opt-in report.  However, today a ‘report’ doesn’t have to be a long winded written report.  In fact, it could be a series of short reports; a checklist; a series of short videos; an e-course; or just about anything that your Perfect Client would like to receive!



Here’s 5 simple steps for creating that ‘report’:

1. Before you start writing or creating your opt-in, you MUST know your Perfect Client.  In other words, you have to know who you are creating this for and why would they sign up to receive it.  Knowing your Perfect Client is what I call “pre-marketing” — it just something you have to do before you can start effectively marketing.  And by the way, it’s not just me that rants about this!  If you listened to the tele summit I hosted this past week, I hate marketing, you heard others mention this too.

2. The first section of your opt-in content should include a short story of how you serve your Perfect Client.  This section is really about getting them to identify themselves as someone who this report will help.  Remember, this section is not about you, the expert!  If you want them to keep reading — it’s got to be about them! (It’s a common mistake for experts to write a whole section in the beginning about themselves — that’s boring to your perfect client!)

3.  The second section talks about their challenges or problems.  These can be real stories about people just like them who have these problems.  In this section, you want your Perfect Client to say ‘ hell yeah — that’s me!’.  It’s about relatability.

4. In the 4th part, your report will focus on the benefits and results.  Here you can paint a picture of what it’s like to have the problem solved.  It asks the critical question … and why is that so important?  or so that……  An example would be – if the result of your product/service is that someone is able to sleep better – then you ask why is that so important or how does this affect the rest of their life?  More sleep enables you to focus better at work and be more productive or more sleep makes you less grumpy and then relationships at home are easier.

5. The 5th section of your opt-in should contain perhaps 3 recommended tips (on how to get a better nights sleep, for instance).  If you were NEVER to speak to this person again – what would you want to share with them? This tip could be how could they accomplish getting a good nights sleep; what might get in their way; and/or perhaps a resource to overcome the problem.

Five simple steps that would end with an ‘invitation’ to a sample session.    If you are ready to _____________; then I invite you to book a sample session so that you can _____________.(Example: If you are ready to have more money in your bank account; then I invite you to book a sample session so that you can have twice the clients in half the time.)

This week’s action step — create your opt-in report OR review your own report to see if it needs update or revising!  Go out and be brilliant!

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