You’re a woman, a mother and a small business owner.  You might even be a wife, a daughter, and a volunteer.  All of these roles have HUGE responsibilities and you sometimes wonder how are you ever going to get everything done?  You often feel overwhelmed and couldn’t imagine adding one more ‘TO DO’ item to your list.  Sound familiar…..?

Want an answer?  I’m  going to share the BEST way to banish this overwhelm but I’m not sure that you are really ready to hear it.  You probably won’t believe me.  So I’m first going to tell you why I know it is the right answer.  First – I have walked in your shoes!!!  Now although my children are grown and no longer living at home, there was a time that I was building a business, had a teenage son (oh, those were the days!), a daughter bedridden, an ill father, a brother who suddenly died, and a very loving husband.  Those days were filled with overwhelm!!  (you can ready more here).  But yet I knew I could handle them because of this ONE THING!

I HAD A PLAN.  That’s right.  My year was planned and my team knew the plan.  The month was planned and so were the weeks.  We had goals and deadlines and a huge vision!  But we had a plan.  I could let the plan work and spend the needed time with my family when they needed me.

Now I also said that having a plan would allow you to gain more confidence.  No, I’m not crazy — it’s true.  When you know what you have to do each month, & where you are headed, it’s so much easier to walk the talk with confidence.  You aren’t playing Russian Roulette with your life & your business.  You aren’t being distracted by this advice or that new suggestion.  You have some logic and order.  Planning allows you ‘peace of mind’ to know that you are headed in the right direction.

Would you like to banish overwhelm & gain confidence?  Here’s a suggestion.  Head over to my website and read about CEO Day 2015; then register.  Then on January 8th, we will put together your 2015 plan so that you can banish overwhelm & gain more confidence.  Go do it now!

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