When we are learning to drive, one of the first things that an instructor says – always look behind;  check your the rear view mirror. 

What does this have to do with your business?  Well, it’s December and lots of people, including myself, are talking about creating a PLAN for your biz for 2015.  The first 2 steps in creating a bizplan is to reflect and record!

Looking into our rearview mirror  allows us to see what awesome things we have accomplished.  Where were you in your biz in December 2014?  What were your sales?  How big was your mailing list? What was your profit?  How many products did you offer last year?  How many clients did you have?  When you look back, it’s important to take stock and to take MEASUREMENTS.  Only when you measure can you know for sure whether you have progressed!

Reflecting back over the previous year also allows us to acknowledge our successes!  Depending on the state of your biz, you may have doubled your sales or clients; perhaps you narrowed your niche; or perhaps you advanced a level.  What successes did you experience this last year?  And don’t be shy – I know you had some!  Now you should celebrate them!!!

My first step in planning for 2015 is to record my 2014 year end statistics because these will be my starting point for the New Year. I record my financials — profit, sales, expenses.  Then I reflect – should I cut expenses? increase sales? compared to 2013 how was the year?  I also check other stats and record them.

What stats are important to your biz?  Do you measure them each year?  Do you record them so that you can reflect on them?

Now planning isn’t just about numbers but that’s a good measure of your progress.  If you’d like to learn how to easily create a plan for your biz, join me January 8th for CEO DAY where we will come together and start by reflecting & recording.  Then we will spend the day looking at your biz as though you are the CEO – treat your biz like a big biz and it will become one!

Click here to learn more.  Register to reserve your seat!  You will leave with a 2015 biz plan like you have never had before; with an action plan you can actually work with; and with a true sense of direction!  Happy Reflecting!

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