I knew this would be my blog topic.  I talked about it yesterday during my workshop and the reaction was “REALLY” — “You got to be kidding”.

I mentioned it in my mastermind this morning and it got the same reaction!  Then I started to write my newsletter … and my fingers just typed it!

So … have you scheduled your VACATION for this coming year?  Have you set aside time in your calendar – blocked it out ?  And not just one week this winter to escape to a warmer place (although my God we need it here in Montreal!!).  But what about time this summer?  What about time just to be you?

Here’s what I know for sure … 

  • if you don’t put it in the calendar (agenda) IT WON’T HAPPEN!
  • if you don’t take time to re-charge, your batteries will run down and you won’t be any good for anyone — not your business, not your family, not yourself!
  • it’s like the airline’s commentary about putting on the oxygen mask — you’ve got to put it on yourself first so that you can be ready to help others!
  • if you don’t take time to re-charge — you will burn out (been there; done that and got too many t-shirts!!).  I learned the hard way and I don’t want you too!

So please — take out your agenda (whether it’s paper or electronic).  MARK off at least 2 weeks vacation.

Now be really bold … step out side your comfort zone … and schedule AT LEAST ONE DAY a quarter (that’s 4 days during the year) to work on your biz — call them focus days; CEO days; or budgeting days; team days!  

PERFECT … now doesn’t that feel good!!!!  For other feel good (feel in charge) tips, join me this coming Tues & Thurs for my webinar – Creating your 2015 Road Map!!!  Click here.  Then you will really feel good!!

Wanting you to grow, prosper & shine in 2015!

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