Vacations are bad for my email inbox!  I’ve just spent the morning cleaning up my inbox after being away and having only very limited internet access while in Costa Rica.  So that’s the only reason why I can say that my vacation was bad.

My Costa Rican Office!

My Costa Rican Office!

Now …. vacations are good because they re-energize you.  Vacations re-charge those batteries.  For me this year, this vacation did 2 things.  First, it filled my soul because it was the first time in many years that we vacationed as a family (with 2 adult children that’s not easy to get everyone together).  Our destination was Costa Rica where my son has been for the past 2 years.  I needed that contact with him – to be see his life there, meet his girlfriend & friends, and understand his life there.  It truly FILLED me up!

Secondly, this vacation re-charged my ‘learning’ batteries.  As many of you know, I love learning so I used my travelling time (on shuttle buses and airplanes) to read — Tony Robbins, Adrianna Huffington, Gay Henrick and Tara Mohr. There was an ongoing theme to all the books … Awaken the Giant Within; Thrive; The Big Leap; and Playing Big.  All of these books talked about living your life (and building your business) to the fullest and about being the best you that you can be!

These books reinforced again that to have an epic business, we must be the best we can be.  That’s the theme of my Montreal live event on March 27th entitled SHINE (click here for info).  I realize that I’ve played small at different points in my life but I’m done with that.  I am going to play bigger; to be more; to live to my fullest & greatest potential.  WHY — because when we do — our businesses Shine — we have a bigger impact on more people!  

On March 27th, I want to inspire you.  I want to share some of my own struggles with you.  I want to teach you how to make your life easier and more fulfilled.  I want to motivate you to make a few little changes that will make a HUGE difference in your life & your business.  We were all born GREAT, even EPIC so let’s shine a little brighter.

Will you be there?  Tickets are now available at early bird pricing (click here)!  I feel so blessed if you would join me that day!

Now back to reality — my inbox & to-do list!

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