Can you finish the sentence?  Someday, I’ll….. 

So here’s my 5-minute marketing challenge for you.

Stop!  Get off the hamster wheel …Find a quiet spot!  Turn off your phone!  Tell the kids & husband you need 5 — yup 5 – whole minutes of peace & quiet. Set the timer on your smart phone.  

Spend FIVE minutes and write down a list of things you would do …. someday!  What would you love to do in your business?  for your business?  How would you love to feel about your business — someday?  Do you dream of making your business world-class?  Do you dream of actually spending less time in your business and more time on the things that are important to you (family, hobbies, outside passions)?  Do you dream of ‘someday’ starting a movement to make changes in the world?

What’s your someday?

So many individuals never spend the time to dream about ‘some day’.  I find it sad — it’s sad because we should be living towards our ‘some day’.  We should be living towards our dreams EACH and EVERY DAY.

That’s my passion — to help you live towards your ‘some day’ in your business!  That’s what SHINE is all about!  It’s about empowering you to live your best life; the life you dream about!  And if you haven’t thought about your dream — then that’s your first step!  You deserve it.

So do yourself and your business a HUGE favour.  Find FIVE minutes to dream about your ‘some day’.  Then go to your calendar – save March 27th to join me and a hundred other business owners as we work towards creating a concrete a plan so that you can SHINE.  Because when you shine, you help more people, your business prospers and you feel more fulfilled!

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