I know what it feels like.  You work hard every day and yet you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.  You are busy but nothing seems to get done.  You’re working in your business and yet still not the level of income you desire!  You feel like you’re spinning your wheels!  You feel stuck!  I know that feeling, that frustration.  Here’s some reasons why you might be in that position:

  1. MONEY  Perhaps you’re caught in this trap….  You want a new website, a mentor, an assistant (what ever it is) but there isn’t the money/cash flow in your business right now — so you feel paralyzed!  I remember the feeling well when I hired my first business coach.  I didn’t have the money but I invested in myself and my business and it paid off big time.  When I had my retail store, I had to take a leap of faith and had a line of credit in order to purchase additional inventory because you can’t sell from an empty store!  You have to take a calculated risk — that’s what it means to be a business owner.  In order to move forward, you have to make changes!
  2. MINDSET  You believe that you ‘could’ be successful; you ‘wish’ you could make more money; you ‘want’ more clients.  The truth is that our reality (our situation) is created by our decisions & actions.  And our actions/decisions are influenced by our inner thoughts!  So our thoughts create our situation/our reality.  So if you aren’t happy with your situation, you have to change your thoughts.  I know this sounds so simple but it is the truth!  If I had a couple of hours with you, I’d tell you why I know this to be true!
  3. MARKETING You are spinning your wheels and can’t seem to get more clients.  You want more visibility because you think with more visibility, the clients will just come to you.  But do you have a plan to get more clients, to get more visibility?  Many business owners simply react to daily situations instead of having a plan to work strategically.  To get unstuck, you need a road map!  

So how do you get unstuck?  How can you stop spinning your wheels?  You get help — someone who can look at your business from the outside and who will help you find ways to go around the potholes or the detours!  You have to make a decision!  If you decide to not make a change, that’s a decision to stay in the status quo!  And that’s okay — just don’t expect miracles to happen.  If you make a decision that you need help with mindset, money, or marketing — then let’s talk.  I understand that it’s scary; and that it’s outside your comfort zone …. really, I get it because I’ve been in your shoes.

I want only the best for you — whether you provide a service or whether you sell a product; whether a real estate agent, a coach, a massage therapist or in network marketing; I’m committed to empowering you to build a profitable business that supports your dream lifestyle.  I want to see you move forward!  Go to https://dianalidstone.com/apply and schedule your FREE 30 minute Business Breakthrough Session!  Do it now!

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