Time and time again, I meet professionals who don’t have an active email list.  They don’t have an opt-in box on their website; they don’t gather prospects names or emails; and they are wondering why their business isn’t growing!

I’m a BIG believer that building a business is about building and strengthening relationships!  It’s a process — whether it’s face-to-face or online; the same basics apply.

 There’s this continuum of familiarity that people must pass through before they buy from you.  First, they get to ‘know’ you; then maybe they like you; and it’s only when they ‘trust’ you that they will actually buy from you.  Know – like – and trust.

Building and strengthening those relationships with prospects who are on your email list is a very good way for ANY business to turn prospects into clients. There have been many times where a prospect has been on my email list for months, even years, before it’s the right time for them to buy from me.  But by keeping in touch with them over time, they begin to trust me enough to work with me.  

Even if you are a product based business, an email list can be beneficial.  One of my product-based clients told me yesterday how he received a phone call asking if he still provided product XYZ.  He didn’t have an email list and the prospect phoned.  How many other prospects won’t bother to phone?  How many sales was he missing?

And what about professionals?  Why wouldn’t you want to keep your name top-of-mind with your clients by providing them with valuable information?  Don’t you want to be remembered as the go-to person in your industry?

Your email list is how you keep in touch with both prospects and clients!  You let them know about new products; sales; what’s happening in your industry; and perhaps what’s happening in your company.  It’s how you nurture your relationship with them. It’s how you remind them that you are out there ready to solve their problem!

So — if you are a professional (real estate agent, lawyer, notary, HR consultant, etc.) — you need to build your email list!  Make it your priority!  Make it your focus and get it done!  Next week, I’ll talk about what elements you need to grow your email list.  Join my email list by clicking here so that you can get the news, updates and marketing content.  

When you want your business to grow …. first FOCUS, then go!

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