Several months ago, I wrote a checklist “Cardinal Rules of Entrepreneurship”.  When I recently reviewed it, I was shocked to see that it was missing a key element — keeping in touch with prospects and past clients!!!  How could I have forgotten something so key??

Keeping in touch with past clients is something that I’ve talked about many, many times.  Over the last few weeks, you’ve seen my blogs about creating email lists and keeping in touch via email.  I’m also a BIG fan of using old-fashioned mail — yes, real letters, post cards, greeting cards!  Why — because so few people use mail, it will make you stand out from your competition.

These days with technology, video messages have become very popular.  You see them everywhere including social media and websites.  I have a couple of videos on my website that were professionally produced and I love them!  But this week,  I was preparing a presentation to speak at a national conference which required me to include VIDEOS!  So I was compelled to ‘get it done’!!  And I did get it done!

In fact, I realized that I had been procrastinating for nothing!!!  I only needed a few things to create a video that got the message across.  It wasn’t a professional video — but it was pretty good.  Here’s what you need:

  1. good lighting (I waited until the room was good & bright);
  2. my iPad (a smart phone will do);
  3. a simple background;
  4. your own youtube channel;
  5. and a short script.  

Once I got the first 2 videos done, I realized how simple it was and then went on to create two more short ones while I had the right lighting, and background!

So my last suggestion would be — if you are setting up to do one video; why not do several at the same time!  It’s such a time saver AND you feel as though you’ve really accomplished something!! (you have some work done in advance of your deadlines!!!).

There are no lack of methods to use to KEEP IN TOUCH with prospects and clients!  Whether it’s email, mail, or videos — just do it!

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