Welcome back friends.  This is the 3rd in the ‘newsletter’ series which I trust is giving you the motivation and inspiration to get into action to create your own newsletter (if you are telling me that you don’t have time, we’ll address that later too!).  There are ways to write BETTER newsletters and today we are going to address those things to a-v-o-i-d!  By the way, I know personally about all of these mistakes – because I’ve made them!!!  But I don’t want you to make them too!

Mistake #1 — Procrastination … We put things off that are perhaps a little outside our comfort zone unless we give ourselves deadlines and unless we have someone who makes us accountable (like a coach).  So set a deadline – draw a line in the sand.  Tell me when you will have your newsletter published!

Mistake #2 — Inconsistency … We write one newsletter and then skip two months.  Like all good things in your business, consistency and persistence make the road to success much smoother.  Remember your newsletter is about building stronger relationships. If you recall your first date, oh how you wanted that boy to call you back soon.  Well building relationships in your business is the same … you have to keep in touch consistently.

Mistake #3 — Lack of valuable content … What is valuable content for your perfect client?  Probably something that comes so easily to you that you don’t even think it’s worth writing about!  But, your client will find it important.  And don’t be afraid of giving away content — it makes them hungry for more (and you have lots more!).

Mistake #4 — Not being the EXPERT.  You are the expert on _____________ (fill in the blank).  That’s what you should write about; teach; shout it out!  Stand up and play BIG.  You have valuable knowledge that your client’s need and want.

Mistake #5 — Not being personal.  It’s true.  There are some newsletters that I read as soon as they come into my email box.  WHY?  Because the writer shares part of their life with me — it’s not about the company, it’s about the person.  So don’t be afraid to share – you are a real person and so are your readers!

Mistake #6 — Not writing to a specific person.  You’ve heard it before.  The basis of ALL YOUR MARKETING is knowing  your perfect client, and their needs and wants.  My perfect client is Sara.  She’s a lawyer in a solo-practise; little or no support staff; been in business 2-5 years;  has a family with children. ( If you are having trouble identifying your perfect client, let’s talk!)  Each time I write any marketing material, I’m writing to Sara; answering her problems and helping her grow her business.  

Now most of these mistakes come from our fear.  We say things to ourselves like: I don’t have anything to say; I don’t want to share my life; I’m a private person.  Recognize that those words are coming from your Inner Critic who rarely has anything good to say.  Banish those thoughts; listen to your Inner Wise Woman who is strong and knowledgable.  

I believe that you are the EXPERT.  You can do this.  You just need a little more education and that’s what this series about newsletters is about.  Next week’s topic is how to gain clarity on your newsletter reader!

If you would like help to create a newsletter or your marketing plan, book your Business Breakthrough Session with me today (click here)!     Think BIG – go out and Grow, Prosper & Succeed!

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