Happy August!  Welcome to the continuation my series on writing a newsletter for your clients & prospects.  If you are new the the GPS Community, check out the other blogs in the series including #1 — 5 Reasons WHY every business must have a newsletter! (here)

I write my newsletter (and blog) for YOU – my audience.  But as I’m writing it, I have a particular reader in mind (my perfect client).   As I mentioned before, I write for Sara (solo-entrepreneur lawyer; mother; business is 2-5 years, etc.)  I pretend that I’m talking to Sara and that she is right across the table from me. I know Sara’s problems and her wants & needs (Sara WANTS more clients & more profits yet she is overwhelmed by ‘marketing; doesn’t have a marketing plan in place to get those clients she wants; doesn’t set specific goals with deadlines to get those increases she wants). Does any of this sound a wee bit familiar?  Perhaps you aren’t a lawyer but I suspect some of her problems might be your problems.  

So how did I figure out who is going to read my newsletter (and my other marketing material)?  Here’s are  4 steps to simplify it but the truth of the matter is that getting really clear on your perfect client is a process (and there are coaches that specialize in ONLY that subject; so please don’t expect these 4 steps to be the magic wand but this will get you started on the process).

In terms of your newsletter reader, I love this analogy.  Imagine you bought a fabulous gift.  Wrapped it beautifully.  But you didn’t know who it was for?  Or perhaps you gave it to the wrong person.  A 70-year old woman might love the gift but I’m not sure that your 21-year-old daughter would think it was very cool!  That’s what happens when you don’t write for your specific audience, for your perfect client!

Four steps to help clarify your perfect client:

1.  Clients hire you because you provide a solution or a ‘transformation’.  ACTION: Write out in 10 words or less the transformation that you provide.  Spend some time here until you have something you are proud of and before you continue this process.

2.  Now, let’s see if you can answer this question: WHO specifically can benefit from the results of working with you?  (Hint: the answer isn’t everyone). Would you have the same conversations about hormone imbalances with a 13 year old girl in puberty or a 45 year old woman going through menopause?  Don’t think so!  ACTION: So, let’s see if you can start to clarify the person who needs you MOST?

3.   Start adding some demographics, adjectives; and other details so that you build a fictional person.  Remember my Sara — you note that she is a mother, probably in her mid 30’s to 40’s, with 2 children and a husband who works in corporate.  They like to vacation & travel.  ACTION: What demographics, adjectives & other details can you add to your ideal client?

4.  As I go through this process, it’s as though I’m building a life around my Sara.  I begin to recognize some of the issues and challenges that she faces.  Having a family tells me that she probably struggles with balancing time & work.  She probably wishes she could get more done in a day.  Those are challenges that I can write about in my newsletter that she will identify with!  ACTION: Start creating your ‘Sara’s’ life and lifestyle so that your newsletter content will be meaningful to your reader.

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by this process … because it is a process.  Identifying and creating your perfect client and your ideal reader for your newsletter is something that can be tweaked as you proceed.  Remember my motto — better done than none!  Just because you don’t have your perfect client/reader nailed down is no excuse to procrastinate writing a newsletter.  If you have taken SOME time to do this exercise, it’s better than nothing and you are on the right track!  Now – write that newsletter!

If you’d like further help identifying your perfect client or creating a marketing plan, book your Business Breakthrough Session today by clicking here. Next week, I’ll share the 3 essential sections to include in your newsletter!  Here’s to your success – Grow, Prosper, Succeed!




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