Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of you out there!  Between building a new network and the follow-up after Prosper, there’s been lots of coffee dates and phone calls.  I’m seeing a lot of really smart women who are struggling to take their business to the next level and who are working way too hard.  They are stuck! They’re stuck not getting the results they want.

Just like a car that’s stuck in the mud or snow – if you just keep pressing on the gas pedal, then the tires keep spinning and the ruts just get deeper. However, if you put on chains or get out and shovel, you usually make progress.  Our businesses can be much like the car — it’s easy to stay stuck.

So WHY are so many small business owners — stuck?  Stuck earning less than you want. Stuck with sales less than you want.  Stuck with the same number of clients.  Stuck doing the same marketing strategies and not getting the results.  Stuck playing small.

From my own personal experience, it’s easy to stay stuck… by staying in our comfort zone!  It’s comfortable to do the same things and it’s scary to try new things whether it’s to invest in a new lead generation strategy or to get more visible in the community.  NEW sometimes means scary!

But let me share with you that SCARY CAN GE GREAT!  When you feel that pit in the bottom of your stomach or when your heart rate increases — that could be the indication that you’re about to try something new; something wonderful that’s just outside of your comfort zone!  

Why is it scary?  It’s scary because you worry whether it’s going to work; whether it’s too expensive; whether you might fail, etc. etc. It’s scary because we doubt ourselves; we listen to our inner critic talk (Believe me — I’ve said all of these things to myself).   So how do we get unstuck?

Each year as I create my plan for the upcoming year, I include a ‘LEAP’ element!  Something new that I’m going to try that makes my stomach a little nervous, that makes my heart race a little faster.  I PLAN to incorporate something that I really don’t know ‘how’ to do.  I plan to include something that takes me totally outside my comfort zone!  

It’s good to try new things if you want your business to grow.  Change requires that you take a LEAP of faith.   This leap might be that you might consider hiring a business coach, trying a new marketing strategy, making your business more visible in a different way.  

And when I look back, it’s these scary things (my LEAP elements) that have caused the most growth in my business!  It’s where the magic happens each and every time. Last year my LEAP was to host live events for women — to get 100+ women in a room together!  Was I nervous?  Was I scared?  Of course — BIG time!

So, I totally understand!  It’s scary!  But guess what — I’m here for you.  I’m here to support you; I’m here to help you through the scary parts; I’m here to share the tools, strategies & knowledge that will give you the confidence to find that MAGIC!

So when you are creating your 2016 for your best year ever (you are going to plan aren’t you?) include a LEAP element — include something that’s scary!  You’ll thank yourself for it and your business will Grow, Prosper & Succeed.

(P.S.  I’ll reveal my 2016 ‘LEAP’ element to you if you share yours with me …. send me an email at!

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