I watched a video this morning that made me realize I’ve been doing a few things WRONG and that I could improve my productivity if I changed just a few small things!  They aren’t gigantic changes but easy things I believe we can all do. So I thought I would share.   Brendon Buchard (High Performance Academy & NewYorkTimes best selling author) created his 5 x 50 Productivity Formula which can increase our focus, energy and effectiveness by 30%!  As he says, they are common sense just not common practise.

50 MINUTES MORE SLEEP.  Apparently 90% of people just don’t get enough sleep consistently.  Science proves that by adding another 50 minutes of sleep you can increase your focus, memory recall, motor reflexes and improve cognitive scores!  His suggestion is that 50 minutes before sleep should be declared a ‘no screen’ time — in other words, no television, phone, etc.

50 MINUTE MORNING POWER BLOCKS Now B. Buchard isn’t the only coach or guru to suggest that we should start our mornings with lots of water; a 20 minute physical stretch; and a 30 minute meditation (Robin Sharma calls his the Power Hour).  Personally, this is where I’m committed to making my own changes.

50 MINUTE BLOCK TIME Most of us are familiar with time blocking however many of us allow interruptions and distractions to creep in to those time blocks.  B. Buchard recommends working up to at least 3 – 50 minute time blocks where we think, create & do the work — uninterrupted!  It might be a difficult habit to change but well worth the effort.

50 MINUTE BREAKS  Our bodies & minds need breaks in order to operate efficiently.  It’s recommended that we set the timer on our phones for 50 minutes; then take a break where we hydrate and stretch.

50 MINUTE RENEWALS  Do you meditate or take a walk every single day?  Getting outside in nature and letting our minds wander allows us to reset towards peace and freedom.  My greatest ideas seem to pop into my head when I’m outside walking.  What could you do for 50 minutes each day — go home & go for a walk; walk at lunchtime; walk before work?

So there you have it — five easy and simple ways to change your habits (and mine too) so that we can improve our productivity!  Being more productive also usually means that we are making more money too!  Click here to download his 1-Page Productivity Planner (for one day).

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