Okay – I’ll admit it!!!  Over the weekend, I caught the dreaded disease that stops entrepreneurs in their tracks …. OVERWHELM.  I tossed and turned; didn’t sleep well; and generally worried.  You see I’m in the process of planning two rather large live events for the spring and I was starting to worry that I hadn’t left myself enough time.  I felted my heart beating rather loudly and recognized overwhelm for what it was — fear and doubt which had turned into procrastination.

However, after not-so restful weekend, I got on the phone Monday morning.  I got into productive action and things just started to fall into place.  That’s what an athlete does — every single day.  Athletes who want to be their best … practise and practise.  Tiger Woods didn’t become the best golfer by just picking up a golf club one day — he relentlessly practised his mastery.  We can learn a lesson here.

As business owners, we can apply the athlete’s secret.  Yes, we can practise daily to become better but perhaps more importantly, like the athlete we need to pace ourselves by working towards our goal.  If an athlete is preparing for the Olympics, they have a plan for training, nutrition, sleeping, etc.  They compete in smaller competitions along the way and pace themselves so they ‘peak’ for the big event.

We can do that too in our businesses by:

  1. Just get started and it’s okay if it’s not perfect.  “Done is better than none” (Diana-ism).
  2. Share your commitment with friends, mentors and anyone who will listen.  When you post your goal on facebook, you are more likely to get it done!
  3. Reward yourself for a job well done.  As entrepreneurs, we don’t often give ourselves a pat on the back for what we’ve accomplished!  It’s okay — you’re doing a great job!
  4. Know that you will ‘get it done’.  It’s better to pace yourself rather than to risk your energy and time.  Make sure that your business doesn’t become your life!

So as Monday ends, I’m feeling less overwhelmed.  I had a plan all along but I was just procrastinating.  I wasn’t allowing myself to pace things out.  I wasn’t using the athlete’s secret.  However once I got into action, and realized I just need to pace myself, I felt a whole lot better and really got something accomplished. Remember, you need a plan and then you need to do a little every single day to move you in the right direction.

If you need some help to move in the right direction, to get unstuck, to decide which lane to travel or to create a plan — please, click here to book a Business Breakthrough Session.  Let’s get you moving!  You were born to Grow, Prosper and Succeed!

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