As solo-entrepreneurs, most of us don’t have anyone looking over our shoulder making sure that we accomplish our work load!  There’s no corporate ninja l; there’s no boss waiting for the work or keeping us to a deadline.  It’s just us – alone.  That’s why it’s so easy to get distracted.  It’s really easy to spend our time on non-money-making activities and then wonder why we didn’t get anything done by the end of the week.  Here’s 8 things to STOP right now that will help you free up some time!

1.   Getting lost down the black hole of social media.  As we all know, social media is great for our businesses — it’s like FREE public relations.  However, what’s not good is getting sucked into watching kitty videos!  Being on social media should have a purpose — and engagement!!  If you have trouble, set some boundaries by using a timer — no more than 15 minutes (or whatever you determine) and only 3 times a day.

2.  Keeping quiet about how you can help people. You have to talk about your results — with everyone!  Being quiet (not having sales conversations) is not how you GROW your business or make it profitable.  Get out there and talk about the specific results you get with clients!  If you don’t have an “OMG – I want to work with you” message, take this upcoming workshop!

3.  Letting the itty bitty shitty committee take control of your thinking!  That inner negative voice can really put a stop to things in your business and you can wallow around in self-doubt for ages.  Listen to your INNER WISE WOMAN because she’s right about who you are and what you are capable of! Say YES to thinking bigger.

4.  Being negative on line, with prospects or with employees.  Believe me — no one; and I mean no one wants to hear your latest sob story!  Everyone has bad days; everyone has troubles!  Be the light that shines a little brighter on the world!

5.  Fooling yourself into thinking that you are actually doing ‘money-making activities’ when you are not!  Activities that generate money are those that will bring you closer to having a sales conversation with someone.  NON-money making activities are doing your bookkeeping; making sure that your newsletter is p-e-r-f-e-c-t!  Use your calendar and time-block those essential money-making activities!

6.  Spending so much time working in your biz instead of taking time away from your business to do strategic planning!  Book off at least one day every 90-days; get away from the distractions of phone & emails and gift yourself a day.  You might even spend part of that day rewarding yourself!!

7. Ignoring the profit plan and goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year!  If you had a profit plan — dig it out of the drawer; from behind the filing cabinet or where ever they are right now.  Spend some time reviewing them.  Where can you improve?  What needs to be done so that you reach your sales or profit targets?  If you didn’t make a plan at the beginning of the year, it’s not too late to do one now.  Need some help — book a JUMPSTART half day or full day with me.

8.  Doing things in the wrong order!  OMG – I wish I could tell you how often a client comes to me and wonders why it’s taking them FOREVER to make money.  It seems that no one told them — there’s a sequence to growing a profitable business.  It’s true — the strategies that got your business off the ground won’t be the same strategies you will use as you continue to grow.

If you’d like help to STOP these actions, apply here for a Business Breakthrough Session.  No obligation — perhaps we can turn you around before you hit a road block or spend too much time watching kitty videos!

Will I see you at #PROSPER Ottawa???  If you want to PROSPER in your business; If you want to remove the road blocks to prosperity — then I’ll see you there!  


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