Over the last couple of years, I’ve realized that I wasn’t the only one ‘playing small’.  I wasn’t the only one focussing on activities that weren’t money related!  I wasn’t the only one that needed some inspiration!!

So about two years ago, I promised myself to STOP playing small — to go for the gusto!  I began doing things I believed in and planning to step into the world in a bigger way.  Many of you have attended my live events (Grow, Prosper, etc) and those were my efforts to play a bigger game.

I seem to have gotten those down pat as they would say …. I’ve got a system in place and the events are not only providing value but they are profitable.  So what’s next….?  How can I play BIGGER?  What’s the next step for me?  (I have a plan for that which I’ll share later this summer). However this blog isn’t for me to read…  I’d like you to ask yourself the same questions!

What’s the next step for you? How will you play bigger in your business?  How will you live your purpose profitably?  Big questions deserve big answers.  Here’s some hints from Barbara Stanny’s book Sacred Success (which I’m currently reading):

  • Financial well being is essential to achieving greatness (where do you stand on this?)
  • Our financial foundation is only s strong as our individual integrity
  • Power demands responsibility (are you ready to take responsibility?)
  • Our Power comes from either Love or Fear (which one is driving you?)

So for this week ladies — pick one to be your guiding light & to implement:

  • reclaim your personal power;
  • banish those negative thoughts;
  • break some old rules;
  • listen for your call to greatness;
  • be receptive to greatness!

If I can help you or support you in your business journey in any way regarding money or marketing, please reach out and book a complimentary MONEY & MARKETING BREAKTHROUGH Session.  I believe you deserve to Grow, Prosper & Succeed!


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