STUCK-VILLE – that city that goes nowhere!  It seems as though the streets are all dead ends; the highways just go round and round; and no one gets off the bus.  It might sound familiar to you.  I’ve been there and so has almost every business owner  — it seems that your business isn’t growing; there’s not enough money in the bank account; you don’t feel fulfilled in the work you do and you are wondering what to try next!!  Don’t worry — you aren’t alone!

Here’s the thing — it’s all about FEAR.  As much as we hate to admit it; being stuck is the lack of taking a decision and moving forward.  It shows up in our business (and in our lives) as procrastination; anxiety; lack of action; stress and general uneasiness.  

Remember that FEAR means — False Evidence Appearing Real.  NONE OF IT IS REAL.  We are the ones who seem to think it is real.  So what if we started to change our thinking?  What if we became aware of that little voice on our shoulder (the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee) and replaced those negative thoughts with positive ones?  What if we got into action?  What if we took a BOLD step and moved out of our comfort zone and we leaped past fear?

Try these 5 routes out of Stuck-ville:

1. Acknowledge that fear is present.  Say hello.  Welcome it.  Everyone has fear about something — even the most brave and confident have fear about something!

2. Journal about your fear. Listen to your inner Wise Woman and I’ll bet that she is saying something like “I can accomplish anything I set my mind to” (because you’ve overcome fear before).  You’ve accomplished great things before and you can do it again.

3. Listen to your intuition (and yes, we all have some).  Somewhere in your soul you already know HOW but when you focus on the HOW, it can become overwhelming.  Mike Dooley says “Do all you can, with what you’ve got, from where you are” and the Universe will do its part!.  Your goal is to simply make a decision and commit to it; then take baby steps.

4. Remember that the only wrong decision is no decision.  No decision keeps you in Stuck-ville.

5. Lastly – set a date to walk across the bridge.  Try this guided imagery exercise (borrowed from R. Hess).  Close your eyes and see yourself filled with light.  Then imagine opening your eyes to see a bridge over a beautiful stream. Beyond that bridge is a lovely winding path to your ultimate destination (what you truly want).  You can’t see the whole path but it’s calling you on a meaningful journey.  Then you see a basket by the side of the bridge and instantly you know what to do.  One by one  you leave your past regrets, your worries, bad habits and limiting beliefs in the basket.  With each one you feel lighter and lighter.  When you’ve filled the basket, walk halfway across the bridge, let your indecision fall off the side and watch it float away down the stream!   Then decide.

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.  (W.Clement Stone)

Baby steps!!!  Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was any successful business!

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