A   Awareness (about ourselves mostly)
B   Belief (in ourselves)
C   Consistency (in our work)
D   Delegate (one of the hardest skills to learn)
E   Execution (get _hit done)
F   Focus (stop the distractions)
G  Gratitude (for what we have been given)
H   Help (we are here to help others)
I     Imagine (your success)
J    Journey (your business is a learning journey)
K    Key Success Indicators (those things you measure in your biz)
L   Love (there are basically 2 emotions – let love prevail over fear)
M   Marketing (the activity that drives clients to your door)
N   No (the word we have to get used to hearing)
O   OMG – I want to work with you (something we want to hear)
P   Patience (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business)
Q   Quiet (take time to be quiet each day)
R   Recharge (you can’t give from an empty container)
S   Serve (we are here to serve others)
T   Time (we all have the same amount;  it’s your choice how you use it)
U   Under earner (are you one of those?)
V   Voice (each of us has a voice – use your’s to help others)
W   Walk Your Talk (be authentic and honest to yourself)
X    EXcitement (passion that keeps you going)
Y    Year Plan (you gotta plan!)
Z   Zulu (I couldn’t think of anything so I used the Z call letter for marine radios)

Admittedly, some of these were easy to come up with — others not so much.  Please share your additions with me!!!  


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