Getting back on the horse is never really easy (so the saying goes) but you know you GOTTA JUST DO IT.  

It’s so important to remember that reading & responding to all those emails is NOT the most productive thing you can do for your business!!!  That is not a money-making activity!!  FOCUS on those things that bring you money — anything that leads to creating clients.

So here’s my strategy for starting that momentum again …. remember keep it simple.

1.  PICK UP THE PHONE – whether it’s past clients, current clients or future clients, the phone is still the best tool to use to connect and start building relationships.  Create a list of people you haven’t spoken to recently; find out what’s going on in their life & business; what’s their current struggle and offer to help them solve that challenge.  Once you find out what they need, offer to instantly book a time to discuss how you can solve their problem for them!  Don’t make it complicated — spend a few minutes before the call; do a Power Pose for 3-5 minutes; know your programs & offers and go for it!!!

2.  FILL YOUR AGENDA – your agenda (whether paper or online) is your secret marketing tool!!!  The more phone calls you have booked; the more you use your agenda to time block and get organized — the more successful you will be!  You can tell a successful person by looking at their agenda!

3.  SMILE – you’ve done this before.  I know you’ve taken vacation before.  I know that you’ve felt that you had to ‘restart’ before.  Take confidence in knowing that you’ve done this before AND you can do it again!!!  I believe in you and so will your clients!

So guess what I’ll be doing this week?  I’ll be picking up the phone — perhaps I’ll even call you — stranger things have happened!  

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