It’s true — we all have doubts!  Being in business by yourself and with yourself, is so different than being in corporate or working for someone else!  In the corporate work, you have your boss to ask for feedback; to ask whether you’re doing it right; to find out whether you’re on the right track or not!  But as a solo-entrepreneur — guess what — you are on your own.  Here’s those 3 doubts …. and how you can solve them!

1.  Am I doing the right thing?  How many times a day (week, month) does the voice in your head say — am I doing the right thing?  It’s hard to know – isn’t it?  Who do you ask?  You can’t ask your clients!  You are alone.

2.  Am I doing it right? Even if you have figured out whether you are doing the right activity, you probably are asking yourself, are you doing it correctly?  If you’ve decided after answering question #1, that you should be networking — now you are probably asking yourself, am I networking correctly?  Or have I written this blog correctly?

3. Will it ever work? Believe me – we all have doubts as to ‘will this ever work’?  How long will it take?  How many days, weeks, months, even years will it take to become ‘successful’?  And then it seems, we start right back at question #1.

You see that’s the problem …. doubt is a cycle.  It keeps us stuck and often feeling very overwhelmed.  When we are feeling those emotions, we rarely make good decisions; we rarely take action; and that’s when we stay broke.  How do I know?  Been there – done that – got the T-shirt and sent the postcard!  

However, there is a solution!  There are answers to those questions!  Since I wallowed in doubt for several years, I’m passionate that other entrepreneurs don’t do the same.  You see the answers to those questions, those doubts, is found in FEEDBACK.  That’s right!  When you get feedback, you get both reassurance that you’re doing it right; and you are also getting input how to improve it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to consistently get feedback?  A place where you can quieten those doubts?

Where do you get feedback?  Coaching. YES, coaching was (and still is) the answer to my doubts!  And I know for many of you coaching seems out of reach and that’s why I created the ACHIEVER’s CLUB.  The Achiever’s Club is a place for 6 months of feedback; 6 months of reassurance and guidance; 6 months of improving.  No matter what type of business you have and no matter what size of business you have, doing it alone and sitting with doubt IS NOT THE ANSWER!

I invite you to call me today (514 690 1867) and find out if the Achiever’s Club is right for you. That’s right – be brave.  Be an Olympian. I’ve set aside time to speak with you today!  It’s your day.  Put aside your doubts — stop being stuck, overwhelmed & broke!

I look forward to hearing from you! (If I’m on the phone with another Olympian, please leave your number and I will call you back!!! – promise!).  Call right now – 514 690 1867!

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