There’s a story about the farmer in the 1950’s who bought his first car.  Initially, he was thrilled as he drove it around the countryside. However soon he got frustrated with it because he had trouble going up hills.  He complained to the salesman that the car was so slow to go up hills that there MUST be something wrong with it.  The confused salesman said, well let’s take it out for a test drive. 

As you can imagine, the farmer was astonished to find out that the car had more than one gear.  Going uphill became so much easier when he shifted into the other gears!

The moral of the story — everything feels difficult in first gear!  As entrepreneurs, we often think we just need to press the gas pedal harder and go faster to get up the hill.  But what happens is that we actually burn out the engine.  

That’s what most of us do … we ‘THINK’ what we’ve done was hard; even if we have reached success.  Then we think, I don’t want to do that HARD work all over again.  So we shrink back.  We think, I can live in a smaller world; I don’t really need all that money or I don’t need success! So I’m just going to stay in my little small world (inside my comfort zone).

We think it’s hard because we don’t realize that we have the other gears.  The farmer had to have the salesman SHOW him that he had other gears!  When you find those other gears, you can move forward gently; you can press on the pedal and it’s easy to go faster, build momentum.  

Business doesn’t have to be a struggle (you don’t have to be stuck in first gear).  But sometimes, we just don’t know about the other gears.  If you’d like to figure out where the other gears are, book your SHIFT INTO 2nd GEAR session with me right now!  Click this link and find a time that suitable for you!  You deserve to have more ease in your life! 

Thought I’d share this with you — from Mike Dooley!

WHEN in doubt …..
show up early
think less
feel more
ask once
give thanks
expect the best
appreciate everything
never give up
make it fun

Live as if you success is inevitable and so it shall be!

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