For many small business owners, sales are often the most difficult part of being in business.

And when we don’t like doing something,  we often AVOID it.  

You can’t grow a business without sales conversations.  

Talking about money is both about your inner game and your outer game.  

Here’s 5 keys to unlock your potential and help you move your business forward towards Successville!

1.  BELIEVE in yourself and your service/product!!!!  You must have unwavering belief in yourself.  Lisa Larter says, “The first sale is to yourself”.  Ask yourself, do you hear your itty bitty shitty committee sitting in your driver’s seat telling you things like …. are you sure that you can do this?  who are you to think you can help this person?  A little trick to help you with your ‘self-belief’ is to ask your past clients how you helped them?  What results did they experience? Listen carefully to their words. After you have listened to them and taken notes, then craft a short testimonial based on their words.  Send it to them asking for their approval.  Build a page of testimonials — read it daily!  This will help you increase your belief in yourself!

2.  STUDY and understand very thoroughly your Dream Client including their fears, cares, what kind of food they eat, where they go on vacation, whether they like wine or are vegetarian, and where they hang out.  All of these things help you communicate with them on their terms — you can more easily relate to them!  When you relate to them, they feel comfortable and are more likely to purchase from you.  (If you need help with your Dream Client avatar, please book a Clarity Session here).

3. BECOME a student of human psychology.  Selling is about understanding how and why humans respond in a certain way. Learn why your customer’s have hesitations.  Is it fear of you?  Fear of making a mistake? Fear of the words you you used?  There are lots of fears your potential customer faces.  When you understand them, you unlock your sales potential.

4.  SET SALES GOALS or sales targets!  All of my clients are kept accountable to their sales goals.  If you don’t set a target – you certainly won’t hit it!  Even when I had my retail store, there were daily sales targets written on EACH day of the week so it was clear to each employee what they had to work towards!

5. DEVELOP SALES STRUCTURE or perhaps even a script to follow when you are just starting out.  By following a script, you don’t go off track.  You stay focussed on the important elements of a sales talk.  Important to remember — sales isn’t telling (about your product or service); it’s more about listening to your prospect’s problems and then offering them a solution to that problem (your program/product).   If you’d like to learn more about sales, please ask me more about The Achiever’s Club!


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