We often judge ourselves by comparing our ‘success’ to other’s ‘success’.  

We see other coaches, consultants or professionals who talk about 6-figure businesses; email lists of 10,000; videos on youtube or FB live;  and we often think that those are good ‘measures’ of success.


Stop comparing yourself to others.  

You haven’t walked in their shoes.  They haven’t walked in your shoes.  

By comparing yourself — you are listening to your inner critic (and that’s not who should be driving your car!)

So don’t be so hard on yourself.  Congratulate yourself for the things that you have done well. 

Perhaps you haven’t figured out FB Live but you are really, really good at writing blogs or getting interactions in a FB group.  

I challenge you this week to spend some time and make a list of the things that you do WELL!!

We often hear others talk about building a ‘6-figure business’ as a measure of their success. 

It seemed as though every time I turned around one coach or another was talking about how they built a 6 or 7 figure business while having a baby on their hip and a tiger at the door.  Joking aside!  

It’s not about the sales you make, it’s about the profit that you keep.  (Or as my coach told me, “Sales are Vanity; Profits are Sanity”).  

So be careful of what someone is claiming to be their ‘measure of success’.  Know your own profit levels!

I’m almost certain your definition of SUCCESS and my definition are very different. 

It’s not always about the money but it is most certainly about the lifestyle that you want to create!  

That’s why at upcoming #SUCCEED, we are going to do what most entrepreneurs DON’T DO and that’s figure out what SUCCESSVILLE looks like for you!  

It’s one of the first steps to growing a profitable business.  

Together, we are going to get really clear on your business destination!  

Join me please for a great day of learning, fun & networking with the sponsors!!

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