With Montreal’s Succeed just around the corner, I thought it would be great to share a few networking tips for those of you who are attending!!  I mean — there’s going to be 100+ people in the room; it’s going to be a networking extravaganza!  Ready?

1.  Know who you serve and how you serve them!  Many of you already have a 30 or 60 second infomercial that you use at networking events; some of you don’t.  People are going to ask you WHAT DO YOU DO?  What’s your answer?  Here’s a hint about what they DON’T want.  They don’t want to know you are a real estate agent; financial advisor or a life coach!  The 2 words that describe your profession are conversation killers!!!  (If you’d like to know more about how to create a message that gets people saying “OMG – I’d like to work with you” — then remind me to offer my workshop/webinar on that topic!)

Most likely they are asking themselves:  Are you interesting to me?  

There are several templates you can use; but here’s a simple one ….
I help ____________ (specific audience) to do _______________ (solve their problem).

 I help coaches, consultants and service-based professionals make more money by helping them focus on the right activities for their stage of business growth because the strategies you use as a ‘newbie’ entrepreneur aren’t the ones you’ll use as a CEO.  By doing this, my clients gain more clarity, confidence and ultimately more clients.

2.  Come prepared with CURRENT business cards!  I play a game every time I go to networking events.  I try to find how many people didn’t come with business cards!!  If you can believe it — there are always MORE THAN ONE!

3.  Here are some Conversation Starters for you:

  • Hi I’m _________ (this gets the ball rolling)

  • I can’t believe how cold/hot/beautiful it is today? (weather works)

  • Are you here with friends? (great way to get other introductions)

  • Do you know any of the speakers?

  • Is this your first time at Diana’s events?

  • Did you understand what the speaker meant by ……?

4. Always attend a networking event/conference with a goal or intention? Is it to meet 5 new people to start relationships?  Is it to meet new suppliers?  New strategic partners?  Be clear on what you want to achieve!  You’ll end up surprising yourself!

5.  Come dressed for the part.  Networking events are an opportunity to showcase yourself!  Come ready to put your best foot forward!  Come dressed for success; after all, you only get one first impression!

Are you going to invest in yourself and your biz?  Attend November’s BEST event ever!!!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Click here to learn more about #SUCCEED and why I’m so passionate about helping women grow profitable businesses!!!




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