Most of us have started thinking about what we want our lives AND our businesses to look like for 2017!  This past week a client asked me about vision boards — and I remembered how I used to host vision board or Dream Board parties! It was great fun having a bunch of ladies thinking about their future, drinking a little wine, and getting excited about what they COULD accomplish!

So I thought I would share with you my 10 Steps to Creating a Dream Board (I’ll be doing mine very soon)!

1.   DECIDE you’re going to get clear on what you want.  Making a decision is always the first step in the goal setting process.  I find that a dream board helps you organize your thoughts; it helps you realize that you could LIVE LARGER.  I think that a dream board is a representation of who  you want to become and how you want to live!

2.  GATHER your materials for your type of dream board.  Some people love doing it online with a software and others are a big old-fashioned like me, so we gather different kinds of magazines, words printed off the internet; paste; scissors; bristol board; etc.  I’ve seen dream boards created on index cards (easy to carry) or even in a book — it’s your choice!!  Then of course there are incidentals to gather such as cup of coffee (glass of wine), music, candles and perhaps some friends!  (If friends are joining you, ask them to bring magazines as well!).

3. START getting clear!  To start your ‘dreaming’ process, I always like to suggest either some meditation or journalling to get the juices flowing.  Another great way is to spend some time on the BE, DO, HAVE exercise!  Take a piece of paper and create 3 columns – label one BE; another DO; and the last HAVE.  Think of at least 5, perhaps 10, things that you would like to DO or HAVE or BE.  Here’s an example:  In 2017, you might decide to take a vacation to Costa Rica; that falls under the DO column.  Now, how will that make you feel?  Perhaps peaceful.  So you write peaceful under the BE column.  Or you might want 10 new 1-1 clients for your biz — write that under the HAVE column.  How would that make you feel?  Perhaps proud or accomplished — write that under the BE column.  And continue.  You’re getting into the groove now!

4.  FLIP through your magazines.  I like to tear out any pictures, sayings or words that ‘speak’ to me.  Without knowing WHY I like them, I just rip them out — fast, without hesitation!!!  You can do the same with words you find on the internet; your own photos; or stock photos.  I’ve also used cards for inspiration — you know, Helen Hays has “I can do it” cards; or gratitude cards, etc.  You can photocopy them for beautiful inspirations.  Perhaps you’ve decided on a word for the year — use one of the great softwares to type it out in a font you love!  (I’m working on my word for 2017 and I think it’s going to be LIVE LARGER).   After you’ve got a pile of pages or pictures ripped out, then it’s time for the next step.

5.  SORT your pictures into piles.  Check out the picture below as to how I sort my pictures for my Dream Board.  You’ll notice that I place a picture of myself in the middle; and then I divide the space into 4.  Then I label each section.  One section might be for my biz; one for money; one for lifestyle; and one for family.  You can do it anyway you like — perhaps you have 2 sections for your business.  I’ve seen Dream boards where one section is for your Dream Client; another for Dream Income; another for Dream Strategic Alliances; etc.  It’s your Dream Board — it’s your life!

6.  ARRANGE and PASTE your pictures and words into place using ‘paste’ not glue for the best results (glue tends to wrinkle the pictures).  You may decide that you want more pictures so know you can go back and look for more inspiration.  If you’re doing this with friends, this is the time when I find that people start sharing their ripped out pages — there’s lots of laughing and sharing.

7.  DECORATE your Dream Board with anything — crayons, marketers, sparkles, stickers.  Let the inner child in you come alive again.

8.  DISPLAY your Dream Board where YOU can see it daily.  You might want to take a picture of it to keep on your phone.  You might even want to SHARE your dream board with others as an act of accountability!  This is where I’m going — watch me.  I can and I will!!!

9. ACT on it. Personally, I feel that one of the most important steps of a Dream Board is to review it daily and ask yourself — are the decisions I’m taking today getting me closer to my dream?  Your dream board can act as your North Star — guiding you through the year to accomplish what you want!

10.  TAKE IT FURTHER.  I love dream boards but they are only a dream.  What actions will you do to turn that dream into a reality?  I call that ‘planning’.  This is where you talk about the HOW you will make it come true. For many of my clients, this seems to be where they get stuck!!!  But here’s the good news — this is where, if I say so myself, I excel!!!  I love taking the big picture and breaking it down into manageable chunks so that you can accomplish that BIG DREAM.   So if turn the dream into the how is overwhelming for you OR if you just don’t set aside time in your schedule to do it — join me and members of the Achiever’s Club for BEST-YEAR-YET virtual planning session.  YUP, 1 1/2 days of planning.  The first day we plan together — I teach; then you plan — probably 4-5 times during the day.  Then we come back together for another 1/2 day for some feedback and coaching on your 2017 plan!!!  No pressure — just some fun and getting SHIFt done!!!  REGISTER here!

To summarize — a Dream Board allows you to cover several important elements of successful goal achievement (it’s all about empowerment)!

  • decide on what goal to pursue
  • visualizing the outcome
  • setting your intention
  • becoming accountable
  • staying motivated
  • focus on success

I look forward to you sharing your Dream Boards with me.  Please go to FB group, Grow, Prosper and Succeed– become a member and let’s create the biggest dream ever for your 2017 and share it with others!!!

Can you guess who the highest achiever’s are??

  • 80% of people don’t even think about goals
  • 16% don’t write them down
  • 4% write them down
  • 1% write them down and review them regularly

Have you got a copy of my best-selling book — SHIFT into RICH: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success!!  Now available on and .  Yesterday, some one wrote me to say that she had received her book, read it and was ‘ready to make some changes’!!!!  What will you do differently?

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