Last spring while I was coaching a group, I realized that although marketing was a key component of building a successful business — it was only ONE of the puzzle pieces that clients found themselves struggling to put together!  Not only do coaches, consultants, healers and other service-based professionals struggle with marketing but they are unfamiliar with many other areas of business development!

Here are the 7 pieces as I see them — let me know your thoughts!

1.  DECISION – it all starts with you deciding that you are determined & committed to learn how to build an outrageously successful business that supports the lifestyle that you want!  I remember the day, when I drew a line in the sand and said — enough is enough; I’m going to learn what’s required; I’m going to take the necessary action steps; and I’m going to get the help I need!  That’s the decision every single successful person makes!  It starts with you — it starts with your decision to make changes in the way you do everything.

2.  DETAILED DREAM — Your Detailed Dream is your vision for how you want to build your life & your business.  How will your business support your lifestyle?  In 5 years or 10 years from now, what will your business look like?  Could you model your business after someone who already has a successful business like the one you want to build?  Do you use a GPS in your car?  If you do, you know that the GPS needs a starting point and a destination.  You need the same thing to build an outrageously successful business. (Would you like a webinar on how to do this?)

3.  MARKETING — Now this is a big one!  Marketing is the gas for your business engine! The main components of marketing are:

  • message — your message is the ONE big thing that your business does to solve a problem.  What ONE problem is your ideal clients willing to pay to solve?  What ONE big thing do you want to build your reputation on?
  • market — refers to your ‘ideal client’ or as I like to call them – your dream client!  There’s a dream client out there that you’d prefer working with; who pays you well and who loves you.  Who is that?  Can you clearly identify who they are and where they hang out?
  • method – today there’s a buffet of marketing methods out there that totally overwhelm small business owners.  There’s all the social media platforms, networking, speaking, sponsorships, webinars, online marketing, and the list goes on.  And the thing is that with each one of those is a HUGE learning curve.  No wonder it’s confusing.  It’s confusing to know where to put your time, money & energy (because they are all limited).

4. MINDSET — If we don’t believe we can do it — then we won’t!!  Mindset is about our own beliefs (and believe me, many of them can be very limiting).  With entrepreneurs, it’s their money mindset that holds them back the most.  Ever heard: I couldn’t possibly charge that much; no I can’t raise my prices; no one will ever pay me that much money???  I could tell you personal stories and client stories that would fill a book around mindset.  The negative stories we tell ourselves (itty bitty shitty committee) often competes with the inner wise woman for the driver’s seat.  That’s why I offer a webinar entitled ‘Master Your Money Monster’ aimed at helping small business owners conquer their money beliefs (even if they think they don’t have any!).  

5.  METRICS — Metrics are all those things that we need to measure in our businesses.  Things like number of sales conversations per week; profit; expenses; income; sales conversion ratio; life time customer values, etc.  These are the gauges on your dashboard — if you don’t pay attention to them, then your business (car) can really stall. What metrics do you measure and how often?

6.  MECHANICS — The mechanics of your business are the operational elements such as systems, procedures, SOP’s, etc.  One big ‘system’ is your ‘keep in touch system’ with your clients.  Do you use a regular email to keep in touch?  What does your ‘system’ look like?  How big is your email list?  What other systems do you need in place — client welcome, client good by, etc.

7. TEAM — It’s true, we all need some type of team to grow an outrageously successful business.  Who is on your team — bookkeeper, virtual assistant, housekeeper, coach?  No one becomes successful by themselves — not even an Olympian, a successful TV personality, song writer, etc.  They all had help — find your team; learn to delegate so that you can Grow, Prosper & Success. 

So there’s your 7 puzzle pieces …. how are they coming together for you?  The biggest help I ever got to grow any of my businesses was to hire a coach to not only help me put the pieces together but to help me put them together in the right order!  Would you like to some help putting these pieces together?  If so, apply for a Business Breakthrough Session with me here.  It’s complimentary.  It’s 20 minutes.  I’ll help you identify 3-4 things that could be stopping you from having all the clients you want and a lifestyle you only dreamt about, AND the #1 thing that will help you create an outrageously successful business.  CLICK HERE.

Have a fabulous week!
In gratitude,

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