You shouldn’t be trying to build or grow your business on your own!  There – I’ve said it!  And this week, I reminded myself again why I have a business coach!!

This coming Wednesday, I’m an exhibitor at the Ottawa International Women’s Day event AND that means I get a 30 second infomercial in front of 350 women — not all who are my target market but certainly a large percentage will be.

So you might be asking — what’s so difficult about doing an infomercial?  Because – really, I’ve done thousands.  BUT 30 seconds — that means every single word has to count; it has to be impactful; it has to be different; it has to grab their attention; etc. etc.!!

So I crafted one and then put it out there to a coaching group that I belong to …. well, the reviews were mixed, needless to say.  Back to the drawing board.  More feedback.  Back to the drawing board again.

But here’s the takeaway …. I have a group to brainstorm with; I have a coach to help me tweak it; I have support.    I wasn’t floundering by myself!!!!!  I wasn’t ALONE.  You don’t build success alone.

Think of all the successful people you know … Olympic medalists; Oprah; Robin Sharma; etc. … they didn’t create their success by themselves.  They have a guide, a mentor — someone who has walked in their shoes and who is a little further down the road than they are!!

So if you are struggling to earn more money — find someone to show you how to make more money.  If you are spinning your wheels and don’t know what to do next in your business to move yourself forward — then find someone who can show you how to get into the right kind of action to move your business forward.  If you’ve hit a marketing roadblock and you’re not getting the results you want, then find someone who can show your how to get the best return on your marketing investment!  

JUST DO IT, ladies.  It’s time to put some premium gas in your business engine! It will be the best investment ever in yourself and your business!

BTW – Later this week, I’ll let you know how my 30 sec. infomercial went!!!  Watch my FB live’s on Wed morning.  I’ll do one live from the conference!!!!  

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 In gratitude,

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