You’ve heard me say it before ….

If you don’t have enough sales, clients or money in your bank account; if you aren’t making the wide-ranging impact that you imagined; if you aren’t able to create that freedom lifestyle you wanted– then you probably need to look at WHY?

There’s usually 2 reasons:

  • you aren’t driving enough prospects to your door
  • you aren’t converting those prospects into clients (topic for a later date)!

At SHIFT, you are going to figure out WHY your marketing isn’t working (7 Killer Marketing Mistakes) and what to do about it.

You’ll also:

  • discover the #1 marketing secret thats holding you back in your biz
  • uncover the #1 marketing activity that you can do to create consistent, sustainable income
  • learn how being a marketing newbie is hurting your calls to action, your programs/offerings; your marketing materials (websites, business cards, flyers, etc.), your talks & workshops AND YES – your sales!
  • the key to why you might not be taking action & implementing what you learn

Are you serious about wanting:

  • more clients or perhaps ‘better’ clients?
  • more freedom to create the schedule you want?
  • more financial freedom to do the things you want?
  • to help more people with your gift?

If you’re serious —  then I expect to see you in the audience; to meet you and to shake your hand in Montreal — March 31 — this FRIDAY or in Ottawa – April 7.

To help you make your decision, I’d like to gift you a discount code when you go here to purchase your ticket:

       Montreal   March 31    code – ShiftSpringMtl2017
       Ottawa      April 7        code – ShiftSpring2017

I promise — this day will be WORTH your time & financial investment!  

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