One of the fastest (and easiest) ways to create more cash in your business is to ….. FOLLOW-UP!!  And it’s one of the strategies that most entrepreneurs don’t do!!  That means if you are the only one to follow-up — you stand out!!!

How many times do you go to a networking event and NO ONE follows-up with you?  Most of the time!  In fact, I’m pleasantly surprised when some one does follow-up! 

I recently hosted two rather large events (SHIFT) and now I’m into full follow-up mode.  What does that mean?

  • categorizing connections into categories (prospects, connections, not a fit with me)
  • connecting with people on Facebook and LinkedIN
  • adding appropriate names to my CRM (customer management tool) so that follow-up is easy and personalized
  • adding appropriate names to my email list (those that bought something from me) so that they receive regular and valuable information from me
  • making phone calls to those who asked for Business Breakthrough Sessions
  • creating notes in my CRM about those people who said they were not interested right now but might be in the future so that they don’t slip through the cracks
  • sending out ‘Thank You’ cards via Canada Post (people love getting ‘real’ mail).

You see — it’s about ‘nurturing’ the relationships that I began during my events!  It’s about continuing the conversations until prospects are ready to purchase products!  Imagine if you did that with all the prospects you met!!  You’d be amazed how you could add some cash to your business!

How do you follow-up with prospects?  Let me know your tricks & tips and I’ll share them in my FB group Grow, Prosper, Succeed  

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