Now before you say …. that’s impossible…. IT IS POSSIBLE when you believe it, commit to it; work on the right activities; and get into the right actions!  In fact, many of my clients have doubled or tripled their sales as members of the ACHIEVER’s CLUB.

Now I know for many of you — sales isn’t what life is all about!  I get it — you want to help more people and make a bigger impact in the world.  Me too.  It’s just that sales (or the amount of $$$ in your bank account) is just an indicator of how many people you have reached!  That’s all.

So you’re asking, how COULD I possibility increase my sales and reach more people.  The solution is quite easy — join the Achiever’s Club 6 month group coaching program!  In the Achiever’s Club you’ll get the clarity, consistency, accountability and community you’ll need to help you cross that 6-figure mark!!  Without the support of a group like this, without the guidance, without the course corrections — it will take you so much longer and in the end, cost you time away from your family, cost you lost revenue, and cost you sleepless nights!!  So do yourself a favor — keep reading!

The Achiever’s Club is now open for registration and it starts with  Marketing Magic Mastermind  (there are still a few spots for the face-to-face version; however, I will be holding a condensed  online version Thursday June 8 (you can register here).  

Why Marketing Magic first — because you have to know what your core message is, who you are speaking to; and how to get your message out there BEFORE any of the other stuff — like creating your website, programs, etc!!!

Below are 7 great reasons to join the Achiever’s Club — if any of them resonates with you, then I suspect you’d be a perfect fit! 

1. You are uncertain of what actions/activities to take daily to get you to the 6-figure income.  In the Achiever’s Club, you’ll lay out your plan of action and know which activities you need to focus on to drive clients to your door.

2. You are easily distracted and often find yourself succumbed to the famous entrepreneurial disease – BSOS – bright shiny object syndrome.  The Achiever’s Club keeps you on track with little course corrections with hot seat coaching and accountability in the twice monthly calls.

3. You seem to be getting lots of NO’s in your sales conversations which could be indicative of either you aren’t marketing to the right kinds of clients or you aren’t confident in your sales process – both of those will be addressed in the Achiever’s Club.

4. You’re struggling to price your product/program, perhaps you’re even having difficulty paying your bills.  In the Achiever’s Club, you’ll learn how to create, price and sell a high ticket ‘signature program’ so that you won’t be trading dollars for hours!

5. You don’t have a clear roadmap for how many programs you need to sell monthly (or annually) to make a profit or to have the impact that you want.  The Achiever’s Club gives you the skills and action steps to create your 6-Figure Revenue Roadmap.

6. You tend to avoid sales conversations because they make you feel salesy, pushy or icky.  Have no fear – you can hold ‘authentic’ sales conversations and feel in integrity – you’ll learn how in the Achiever’s Club.

7. You spend way too much time creating new programs, new workshops, or new talks and you seem to be still heading towards burn out, broke or going bankrupt, or at least not feeling fulfilled! You’ll learn how to create ‘signature’ talks, signature programs so that you aren’t in constant ‘create’ mode!

So my friend …. what do you want?  To stay where you are now (stuck at the same income & impact level) or do you want more sales?  more impact?  

The choice is yours.  You can do nothing or — click  here to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Business Breakthrough Session with me!  I promise to serve you and help you create  & travel your 6-Figure Revenue Road Map so you can have more money in your bank account and help so many more people!

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