It’s not always the journey that’s important but how you look at your business when you return!

This past week I attended a 3-day business conference in Atlanta — learning and connecting with others.  It was amazing.  I learned tons of new material and made lots of new friends.  However I think the big eye-opener for me was when I came home.

I came home and looked at my office and my business with a whole new set of eyes!!!!!  I realized I was tolerating a number of things including my messy office; a scheduling system that doesn’t send reminders; a website that needs an update; etc. etc.  The top 3 things I intend to change in the next couple of weeks!

Spending those 3 days with other entrepreneurs who were uplevelling their business and who were reaching to new heights MOTIVATED me to create some change in my business.  It gave me fresh eyes and re-newed energy.

So here are some questions for you to consider:
1.  Do you invest in yourself (and your biz) to attend industry conferences that are out of town?
2.  Do you annually schedule at least one out-of-town conference?
3.  If you attend conferences, do you go prepared with specific intentions?
4.  When you come home, do you spend time de-briefing; making a list of at least 3 changes that you will implement; or do you simply shove the notes in a draw (never to look at them again)?
5.  If you do attend conferences, what are you biggest take-aways?

Here are some of my top tips on how to get the most from conferences & events:
1.   Before you go, decide what you need most from the event (clients, speaking opportunities?)
2.   Research the presenters and other participants you want to meet (many events have FB groups where you can meet others BEFORE the event, i.e. Grow, Prosper, Succeed is my FB group for those who have attended my events.
3.  Prepare your BEST elevator speech and don’t be afraid to adjust it as you go! (Here are some hints).
4.  Create a follow-up process for the business cards you receive (more info here).
5.  Sit with different people as often as possible; meet up with new friends for meals or a drink after to get to know them better.
6.  Be prepared to play full out — to attend all the session!  Go to the event well rested (even though you may be travelling) because you’ll need all your energy!
7.  Dress for success.  Events and conferences are a time to represent your business (your brand).  
8.  Network at the event — it’s not a time to ‘sell’.  It’s time to start the relationship and then nurture it.
9.  Network by asking questions; be curious about other people, what they do and their life!  

Good luck and hope that you plan on attending an out of town conference or event soon.  If you’ve attending one recently, share the changes that you implemented when you returned home in my Grow, Prosper, Succeed facebook group!

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