Revamping my website was one of my Desired Results for 2017 — it’s #3 on my list posted on my wall.  However,  it’s a big project and one that I’ve been procrastinating about (of course, you don’t have any projects like that — do you??).

If we want to change something (like our website), we first must figure out what we want!  That’s often the hardest part!!! So I spent some time figure out ‘what did I want in my new website’? Basically,  I want a website that:

  • I personally can make some of the small changes when needed, so that I don’t have to pay someone for each little modification 
  • looks fresh and modern with all the bells and whistles (but I’m still discovering what those are including an integrated scheduler on my website instead of a link)
  • a web platform that can have ongoing plug-ins as they are developed (the web world changes so fast it’s often hard to keep up)
  • was easily found and that converted prospects into clients (in other words — the web copy had to speak to my dream client) 

I’ll admit, during the process of deciding what I wanted,  I seemed to change my ideas as quickly as I can change clothes!  Although, I must say that there was tons of research and different phases.  I found some websites that I liked; and thought those were the template to follow.  Then I found some others – even better; and so on!  

CHANGE IS A PROCESS …. let it unfold!

So you might ask, what was my dilemna?  The dilemna was just me.  Me being hard on myself for not knowing quickly and easily what I wanted and that I changed my mind 2-3 times!  The dilemna was that I couldn’t hire someone to make the changes UNTIL I COMPLETELY understood what I wanted and where I wanted to go.  

Perhaps this sounds familiar …..  I’m often helping my own clients to get to where they want to go (success, 6-figures++, etc.) but first they have to know what that destination looks like and where that destination is located.  You can’t get there until you’ve pinpointed the location!

As Robin Sharma says …. Change is difficult in the beginning; messy in the middle and glorious at the end!  I guess I’m still at the beginning but I’m anxious to get to the end!

What projects or Desired Results have you had trouble creating?  Share with the GPS Community in our FB group – Grow, Prosper, Succeed!

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