I read someone’s email the other day that made me think …. so I wanted to ask you?

Are you growing your business OR are you scaling your business?

Often the 2 words (grow and scale) are used interchangeably.  But let me explain the difference!  Of course, I’m assuming that you want a business that pays you well AND that you have some free time to enjoy that money?  Right?

Growing a business means getting more dream clients!  More revenue also usually means more expenses — that’s growth. 

Scaling your business also means getting more dream clients BUT without adding tons of expenses and without adding a bunch of your personal time!  It’s about increasing revenue faster than expenses and decreasing your time involvement.  

Sound too good to be true?  No it’s not!  In order to scale your business you need to use SYSTEMS …. systems that a team can use!!  And for many entrepreneurs that’s the roadblock.  It’s difficult for them to create systems and secondly to delegate!  New skills you need to learn so that you’ll have an outrageously successful business AND a real life!

For many of you — it’s time to step up and step into the role of a CEO and become the leader your business needs.  Here’s a couple of suggestions on how you can do that:

  1. Accept your role as a CEO, not the founder, not the president but put on your big girl panties and be the CEO!  YES YOU CAN!
  2. Identify the work that you truly do well; and delegate the rest!  Why do you think there are VA’s (virtual assistants out there)??
  3. Invest time (and some money) to document your processes. In large corporations, including MacDonalds, there’s an SOP (standard operating procedure) for everything!!!  That’s why Macdonalds can hire the most inexperienced person to serve you or cook for you and it’s done the same way each time.  Procedures allow you to step back from your business and perhaps enjoy the first vacation ever; to hire an assistant; or to have more free time.

Apparently 57% of workers have vacation time left at the end of the year!  I can’t imagine what the statistic is for self-employed, especially women? 

If you want to S C A L E your business; make more money and have some true free time, it’s all possible.  YES YOU CAN!  That’s how you build your business by design so you can have an amazing life!

 Does this sound scary to you?  Do you have any systems in place?  What would be the first system you create? Share with me on FB here

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