I used to hate it when my kids would use those 2 words but over the years I’ve gotten used to them (sort of!).  

Here’s what I know for sure ….  I suck at (amongst other things):

  • staying on a diet
  • consistent exercise
  • believing in myself

I used to suck at….

  • sales conversations
  • pricing my programs
  • getting paid handsomely for my time

I remember the day I caught myself saying “I’m not good at sales”.  OMG – I became aware that I was telling myself that story in my head.  So I asked my coach for some ‘sales’ help and once I started practising what I had been taught … amazing things started to happen — I got better at sales.  My conversions increased and now I look forward to having sales conversations!

We all ‘suck at’ something when we first start out. Whether this is business, sports or life!  A baby falls down more times than not when he is learning to walk.  An Olympian doesn’t win a gold medal on his first race.  In our business, we all have to learn; practise; get some guidance; and some feedback so that we improve!

You see — we need to fail to succeed.  We need to practise.  We need to put in our 10,000 hours so that we can become masters!

My deepest desire is that you succeed in your business — that you get GREAT at sales and feel so comfortable talking about money that it just flows towards you.  That’s why my upcoming event #SHIFT is all about money and sales!

Marketing might drive customers to your door but SALES opens that door.  There’s a couple of secrets to getting that door open easily and I want to share them with you!  

So register today for a #SHIFT event near you (Montreal – Oct 20; Kingston Oct 27; and Ottawa Nov 17).  I guarantee it will be a full day of networking, learning and fun and you’ll meet some amazing sponsors and attendees!

It’s time to SHIFT your business into high gear!

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