I NEVER thought I would right a blog with those 2 words in the title!!  But here it is!  This weekend, I finished reading another book about the mindset of being wealthy (I have a whole list of books on this subject, if you’re interested!).  This particular one was lighthearted but also serious and it used this analogy which I thought I HAD TO SHARE!!!

Money is like sex!

  • both are taboo subjects to talk about (it’s often considered dirty to talk about or at least not classy to talk about both)
  • we are supposed to know how to do it — even though no one has every taught us
  • both bring pleasure, new life
  • both can inspire good & bad 
  • we are often ashamed if we have it
  • and even more ashamed to admit we want it

Take some time to think about those similarities.  Perhaps they aren’t ALL true for you but I’ll bet you’ll find something that is true for you!  

(Now I’m not a sex therapist or counsellor, so let’s leave sex out of the rest of the conversation and just talk about money!)

GOOD NEWS — If you’re like most people (who have some trouble with money or have a conflicting relationship with money) — you can change your relationship.  You can SHIFT your relationship with money so that you can choose to

  • live the life you want
  • be as successful/wealthy/rich as you want
  • have the clients you want
  • be paid your worth.

From my experience, there are 4 steps to creating a wealthy mindset (notice it spells GOLD)

  • GO for awareness (consciousness) about your current money mindset
  • ONLY focus on positive, powerful choices that help you SHIFT from your current state to how you really want to live
  • LEARN as much as you can about money (& sales in your business)
  • DO it!  Make a boldass decision that you aren’t going to stay where you are; that YES you are going to change your money situation.  Truthfully – we often let our itty bitty shitty committee talk us out of what it is we need to do to change (because change is friggin hard!!!).

Are you ready to SHIFT?  Are you ready to go for GOLD?  Are you ready to make some changes?

If the answer is YES — then join me at #SHIFT-The Money Event because the money you desire (more clients, more impact, the lifestyle) is ready and waiting for you!  Let’s get this party started!!!  (And I’ve decided that SHIFT will be a party – because money can be fun!!)

Here’s to your outrageously, awesome success!

PS.  One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your business is to be a SPONSOR at another event …. still some sponsorship positions available in Montreal & Kingston SHIFT event. Send me an email if you want more leads!

PSS.  If you are a past or current client, did you know that there’s a CHAMPAGNE CONTEST where you could win, not only champagne, but a FREE, yup FREE, 3-hour VIP Coaching Session with me!!!

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