I come from a family that didn’t express much emotion either verbally or demonstratively.  Hugging or saying ‘I love you’ wasn’t something I was taught from a young age!  It is something that I’ve had to learn (thank goodness for the patience of my husband who has taught me so much).

And you’re saying … Diana … what the heck does that have to do with business?  TONS.  LOTS! MUCHO!  

I know that everyone likes to be appreciated.  In fact, some people crave it.  But to actually say the words; express appreciation, now that’s something I don’t do enough of!  So here goes!

First — THANK YOU to you, the reader!  To those of you who open these emails each week and for those of you who send back comments and to those of you who tell me that you enjoy them!!!  You see I never learned to say ‘thank you’ either.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

Second — THANKS to those of you who are or have been customers.  Your loyalty truly warms my heart (and I don’t say that enough either).

Third – THANKS to those of you who are not my customers and who perhaps have said NO during a sales conversation.  Each one of those conversations was a learning experience and I appreciated your honesty (and you know I’m all about honesty and truth).

Fourth – I also want to thank those clients and prospects who have called me out; who have pointed out something that I could have done better; and who criticized me.  It’s from these experiences that I have grown and learned from my mistakes.  

It’s from all of you that I continue to learn and grow.  And here’s the nugget … for your business to grow and prosper, each of us must grow as an individual.  I heard someone say once that entrepreneurship is the best personal development journey ever!  That’s been my experience so thank you for helping me along the way!

How will you grow today?  this week?  this year?

Have an outrageously successful week!

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