Does it sometimes feel as though you are missing a critical piece of the puzzle?  You know — the business success puzzle!  You work hard on your marketing — your website, social media, business cards, networking and yet you feel you are still struggling …. and you wonder, how you’ll ever get all the pieces to fit together?

I totally understand. When I started my coaching business, I struggled … making about $400 per month.  And I knew how to run a business (I had built 4 other successful businesses).  Why was I struggling with this one?

I was missing a critical puzzle piece.  I was missing the ‘success’ mindset puzzle piece!  YUP – I wallowed in self doubt!  Who would hire me?  I don’t have an MBA!  I don’t have a coaching certificate!  Why would someone pay little Diana those big ticket prices?

MINDSET is the critical piece that so many entrepreneurs ignore!!!  They think, well if I just work harder on my marketing; I’ll just take another free webinar on social media; I’ll just attend another free conference!  Working harder isn’t the answer!!

I’m here to tell you that working harder won’t SHIFT your business.  To change business, you have to change your mindset — you need to learn some new skills (affirmations aren’t enough).  You also need commitment and dedication to do the work that you’ve never done before! And you have to want to change!

Changing your mindset — learning how to SHIFT your money mindset, is rather like being an alcoholic.  You have to want to change.  You have to want to do the work. (I can draw the similarities because my brother was an alcoholic — I saw him through many shifts).

Do you want to shift?  Do you want to go from struggle to success?  

Then let’s get to work.

STEP 1 ….  Get registered for #SHIFT, whether it’s Montreal, Kingston or Ottawa.
STEP 2 ….   Draw a line in the sand — today is the day you have committed to making
                     changes in your life & your business.
STEP 3 ….   Find yourself a mentor, coach, etc. who can help you shift your money mindset.

Whether you work with me or someone else, it’s not important.  What is important is that you include mindset work as part of your entrepreneurial journey!!!

Have an outrageously successful week!

PS.  SHIFT MONTREAL is just a few days away October 20!  REGISTER NOW!

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