Allhallows Eve … carving pumpkins, trick or treating with young ones, or perhaps  a crazy adult party on the weekend?  Halloween is a great excuse for some FUN in your business!

If you’re anything like me, we often forget to inject some fun and joy into our business.  We get sidetracked by busyness; events; creating programs; etc.

But here’s the thing …. our business is supposed to support our life!  Not the other way around.  We aren’t meant to spend all our time working in our business or developing our business.  We weren’t meant to be a SLAVE to our business!

So when was the last time you did something in your business that was really …

  • silly
  • exciting
  • out of the box?

As my friend says — when was the last time that you acted like a 6 year old and blew bubbles; or danced like a crazy person (aka like Meredith – Gray’s Anatomy)!

I’ve decided to spend a part of every afternoon playing some loud crazy music and dancing around my office (like Meredith but without the tequila!).

Send me a note — what will you do to inject some FUN into your life & business?

Happy Halloween!!!

PS.  BTW — If you’re in the Ottawa area, perhaps I’ll see you on Wednesday at the #MMM event where I’ll be a Silver Sponsor!

OH … For my upcoming #SHIFT Ottawa Nov 17, there is still room for a few more sponsors including one Silver; one Print; and one Lunch sponsor!!! 

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