Most coaches, healers and consultants have some type of certification!  Perhaps you’ve taken a coaching certification, a healing modality or even received a university degree.

But here’s what else is also true …. I’m guessing that no one taught you how to navigate a sales conversation without feeling icky, slimey or uncomfortable? 

Imagine being able to have fun and easy sales conversations that turn into — OMG I so want to work with you!  Well it all starts with a 3 step process!

1.   Have a consistent call to action (CTA)
Over the years I’ve learned that having a consistent, simple CTA is the best way to start the sales process.  Whether it’s facebook live, a signature talk, a networking event — the best call to action is to invite prospects to have a ‘discovery session’ with you.  A discovery session is a well structured conversation to see whether the 2 of you might be a good fit to work together.

2.  Have a structured Discovery Session
The benefit of having a ‘structured’ conversation is that by following a structure/system you get better and better at having them.  In fact, you get so good at having discovery sessions that it just seems like a simple conversation between you and the prospect .  By following my ‘CUSTOMER’ model, you learn to discover your prospects needs and demonstrate your value so that they are willing to purchase your solution if you are a good fit.  Each discovery session has a juicy title and a promise that you deliver.

3.  Have a Follow-Up System
You’ve probably heard that the ‘fortune is in the follow-up’ and it’s no different after a discovery session or sales conversation!  But again, why re-invent the wheel … by having a system in place, you ensure that you aren’t leaving money on the table by letting prospects fall through the cracks.

So there you have it — a simple – 3 step sales system!  

It’s just one of the many skills you’ll learn in the upcoming SALES ACCELERATOR workshop

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