Gather your tools — you know, your 2018 paper planner, your big wall calendar, your fancy markers, a pile of colorful sticky notes and you’re almost ready.

Almost… ready to build a plan for your BEST YEAR YET!!!

Here’s 5 simple steps to build your plan:

1,  Start with a Rearview mirror analysis which includes gathering your previous years numbers — your profit, sales, expenses.  What other numbers are important for you?  The size of your email list; facebook fans, etc.  Your sales conversion numbers?  If you have a bricks & mortar, then you probably need to analyze inventory levels!  Got those numbers ….?  Why gather your numbers?  Because you need actual and real numbers on which to base decisions!  i.e. do you need to raise your prices; do you need to eliminate a product or product line, what other business decisions do you need to make?

2. Now that you have your previous years statistics, then you need to look at your BIG picture vision for your business. Your big picture vision is your dream for what you want your business to look like once you’ve finished building it. Any plan or strategies you create must be aligned/ connect to this vision! What are you building?  A side-hustle; a small business or a growth oriented business run by a CEO?  It’s your business so it’s your choice!  This long term vision could be 10 years out, or more!  Do you have a 5-10 year goals & desired results for your business?


3. Then, it’s time to narrow down your plan to MEDIUM picture goals and desired results.  What do you want to accomplish in 2018 broken down into 90-day chunks?  Smaller planning lengths such as 90-days allows you to be flexible and nimble — something that all entrepreneurs need to be so that they can react to market conditions!

4. Okay, now you have 4 plans, each of 90-days.  Then it’s time to break this down into monthly, weekly and daily plans — the SMALL picture. How many networking events will you attend monthly/weekly?  How many speaking gigs do you want to book?

5. The last step in building your plan is to continually monitor & measure your results so that you can adjust your plan.  Perhaps you aren’t getting sales conversions that you want — so adjust; where or how can you improve your sales conversion rates?

Okay … you’ve now got some steps and tools to build a great plan for 2018.  However, I know that for many of you, you won’t follow your plan or (if you are like I used to be), you’ll doubt every decision that comes your way and ended up making none of them.

HOWEVER, what would it be like to wake up every day in your business and know EXACTLY what you needed to do each and every day to take your business to the next level.  IMAGINE … what it would be like to double or triple your sales; IMAGINE what it would be like to know how to confidently walk into a networking meeting, shake a few hands, and find a few prospects!

That’s exactly what members of the Achiever’s Club …. do!  The Achiever’s Club is intended to help you grow your biz to a consistent $5K monthly.  Members leave knowing they have clarity for the direction of their business and the confidence to take the EXACT steps to make it happen!   

There’s still time to get that feeling!!!  Achiever’s Club is now open for registration — Thursday, December 14 is our KickOff call.  Go to your agenda; follow this link; book a Business Breakthrough Session call with me and let’s set you on your path to  stress-free revenue!!!

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