(and it’s NOT about your process — it’s about results)

As I’m preparing to head to Toronto this week to speak to a group of wellness entrepreneurs, I decided to create a new signature talk.  I was thinking about the #1 thing that has helped my clients to accelerate their results – earn more, work less. I reviewed the data; I reviewed the results my clients get; I reviewed how I help them….. and it became quite obvious …. There was ONE thing that helped them double and triple their income; free up more time for things they love to do; and how to impact more people.  The topic for my new signature talk became obvious!
A Premium Signature Offer is the ONE THING that has shifted not only my business, but those of my clients.  It is the ONE thing that has allowed them to earn more, work less!  
Here’s the 3 simple shifts that can help you earn more money and work less:
1.     create a higher commitment offer – Premium Signature Offer.  
Have you ever given someone something for FREE or a low price – a program or coaching session.  Sometimes they just don’t value it.  If the price is too low, many people expect that the value is low.  When my client Frances  created her Premium Signature Offer and price it at $3,000 instead of continually offering $100 consultations, she found that she attracted clients who were committed to a full transformation.  These were clients who were fun to work with because they were committed to the end result.
If you bought a $300 book and a $30 book – which one would you read first?  Probably the $300 one!
2.     re-organize packaging & charging for your superpower/expertise.
Because you totally understand what you are offering, doesn’t mean that your client understands the value.  Originally my client DM was offering 3 sessions for $250.  Even though her agenda was full of clients, she still wasn’t making enough money.  Then she created her Premium Signature Offer and changed her pricing. She explained to clients that not only was she going to spend time with them privately but she spent time before the meeting preparing and then time after their meeting creating their ‘homework’.  Once clients understood the package, DM was able to triple her price. 
Clients understand the value better when they have written materials and resources to read and review!.
3.     Create a Premium Signature Offer based on results not process
 This is most probably the biggest SHIFT that creates the biggest results and is probably best explained by this analogy.
Imagine you have a flat tire on the highway and you call the tow truck!  The truck arrives and the driver gets out and starts explaining to you that he has the most modern tow truck available.  At this point, you don’t really care so much – you just want to get the tire fixed so you can get back on the road.  Then he starts explaining that his wrench is made of special steel and there’s nothing like it on the planet.  STILL, you really don’t care about the wrench – you just want your tire fixed so you can get back on the road.
Can you see the analogy with a business?  Too often I meet transformational entrepreneurs (could be EFT tappers, reiki healers, life coaches, etc.) who are obsessed about their process.  However their prospects have no idea what these ‘processes’ do for them …. Their clients just want their problem fixed (they just want to get back on the road again).  It’s not about your process – it’s about the results you get for your clients!
When you create a Premium Signature Offer based on tangible results that your prospect understands – then it becomes so much easier to sell.  If you are solving a life or business altering problem, imagine what your clients might be willing to pay to never have the problem again. When my client Lorraine who offers highly specialized and complex support for children, stopped trying to sell the process and created a Premium Signature Offer – her business skyrocketed!  Her prospects clearly understood the results they would get through her proven system.
So what are your takeaways?  Would you like to earn more, work less?  Would you like to make more money and help more people?  Imagine how that would feel?
I want that for you.  I don’t want you to continue to struggle; to continue to charge by the hour  or session.    I invite to create your Premium Signature Offer when you join the Achiever’s Club (starting April 9 & 10 in Montreal, April 17 & 18 in Ottawa).  Once you create your Premium Signature Offer, based on results, it also much easier to sell!!

Having a Premium Signature Offer is the strategy you need to create a 6-figure business AND the foundation to set you up for a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure business!!! (It works for EVERY single business that solves a major life or business challenge!!).

Want to chat about how your business can create a Premium Signature Offer — book your Business Breakthrough Session NOW – here.


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